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Hi everyone!

I hope someone can help me.

I am from uk and married a Turkish man in 2005. After several years living in Turkey we moved to UK to be with my sick father. My husband hated England so returned to Turkey and after a some time said he wanted a divorce to marry someone else. We had been married for approx 8 years at that point. I said ok but he would have to pay. He refused to pay and married the woman anyway with just the ceremony without making it legal.

To cut a very long story short, he has contacted me out of the blue asking for a divorce again. I have said ok again and he is having lawyers send the papers to me to sign.

My questions are... Can I keep my Turkish surname after the divorce? My husband has said I can if he gives permission. (Is this true?) It would be so much easier for me if I could keep the married surname.

Also, I have Turkish nationality and am about to apply for the new biometric Kimlik. Do I have to change my Kimlik again after the divorce??

Thanks in advance :)

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Using your ex-husband's surname is related to 2 conditions:

1.) there must be a benefit for woman about using that name,

2.) the usage should be non-harmful to him.

You dont need his permission but he can apply if that 2 statements change in the future.

Check that explanation from the supreme court:

"It is understood from the evidence collected that the parties have been married for 26 years and that the plaintiff has graduated from various universities during this period and that she uses her marriage last name in diplomas, master's thesis, participation certificates, certificates, banking transactions and pension transactions. The evidence proves that the plaintiff's use of the surname of the defendant would not harm the defendant, and that the plaintiff's surname had the benefit of the defendant's surname "


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Hi Ceren,

Thank you for getting back to me.

My accountancy degree and diplomas are all in my married name so it would really affect me if I lost my married surname. I also can't really see how me keeping it would hurt him in any way. We are not even in the same country at the moment and when I move back to Turkey we will be hundreds of miles apart.

He is having the divorce papers sent to me in UK to sign. How can i add to them that I want to keep my married surname??

Sorry for all the questions but I'm really worried about this.

Thank you :)

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