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Please someone helps me if has any info about this issue!

I have been in istanbul for about 4 months. I live in a small studio in a big site(complex). The billing papers are in site's name not personal. However, everyone has its own metre (The device that we read and calculate the bills!)

The first month in january the cold month we had 30 tl of dogalgaz (gas). That time the weather is cold and we use radiator! however April we did not use radiator. Also, our cooking device is electrical! the only thing related to gas is hot water! We also go to bathroom in the site pool!

However it is strange that for this month the gas came 95 tl!

could anybody tell me whether the gas per metre cube price is different every day or month in Turkey? I mean is it constant during a year or it might vary even everyday!

Our bills are somewhat surprising!


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No sir

The management office give this to me!

We do not get any bill as paper. The site management itself does the calculations! He said the every one has own contour (machine)

The only reason I could justify this is that the dolar against lir entry up too much and the gas price goes up daily!

However, one of my friend told that it is not true 

The price of home gases and electric and water does not differ daily. It differens yearly and the government makes info in news about this

Would u please look at your bills for past three months to see whether it is different per unit?


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First they gave 180 tl gas bill to me!!

Then I went talk they said ohhhh it is wrong!

They hide sth maybe 

In February the radiator always was open but in April no

Our gas is just hot water nothing else!!

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I seriously doubt it would change every day. Have you looked at the bills? Prices will go up as the value of the Turkish Lira falls, because imported gas has to be paid for in the currency of the country which supplied it. So if the Lira drops in value against that currency, it costs more Lira to buy it from the supplier.

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Actually since I do not get bills I cannot see!

Because of that I request kindly anyone like you to see whether for the february and april is the gas price different or not?

In our complex the site management itself calculate and tells us the price

I know it is rediculous

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The thing is they do not have any bills! If so sure no problem.

They look at contour machine and calculate by hand!

Before this they sent me an email 186 tl gas!! I went and talk and they told that ohhh it is wrong!!! Calculate again and 95 comes! 

How is it possible?

Even if I go and look to counter machine I cannot get anything 

They play a game!!

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Just an idea... get your meter number, and take it to the gas company. Ask them how the last bill was for that meter number. Of course, make sure the date range is the same as the bill the site manager gives you.

Then compare what they tell you to what the site manager is charging you.

You should also be able to do this at one of the many bill-paying shops that are around most towns. They collect money for all kinds of bills, including natural gas. You could give them your meter number and see how much you owe for your last bill. They may only be able to tell you that if you have a bill which needs to be paid, so in that case, after you get the bill from your site manager, take the meter number to one of the bill-paying kiosks and ask them to run it to see how much you owe according to the gas company. The bill-paying kiosks also get a commission for making these payments for you, so make sure that isn't included in the total.

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what do you mean by meter number? you mean the gas consumed for specific period of time? Or maybe a specific number for each house?

It would be really good if I have specific number for my house for each of the energy branches and go to the energy office to see how much did I consume during these 3 months as a whole? is it possible?


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You do have a number which specifies you as the person being billed. It should be printed on your gas meter. So go look at the actual meter and see if there is a number on it. That is probably also your customer number. Whatever number is there (if there is more than one than write them down), it is going to be a number by which you are being billed by the gas company.

The gas company should also have records for the bills for that number going back for three and more months.

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Thanks ken I should do that

but as far as i know the gas company does not send any bill to the site! They calculate themselves by looking at the kontur (device)

They write it in paper themselves

However, are you sure that the gas office does info about this?! (Of course they should!) They should know how much should I pay exactly

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Your gas consumption is recorded by your customer number or your meter number. So the gas company has records for your billing. If you have a gas meter, then the gas company knows how much gas passed through it. Yes, I am sure they know this.


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