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Prison sentence for not paying support?

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My boyfriend's first wife sued him for not payment child support and alimony for 14 years. He was hit with an amount, plus interest. He told me that if he didn't pay the amount, he would have to serve a 3 month prison sentence. His family paid the amount, less the interest. Because they did not pay the interest, my boyfriend cannot have any property in his name, or else his ex can seize it to pay the unpaid interest. When I told the story to my Turkish friend here in Canada, she said that's not possible, that they will not put a person in prison in Turkey for not paying child support. I don't think my boyfriend would have made up this story, it's not as if he asked me to pay the money or anything and I've known him for 15 years now and we have a child together. So my question is, to the lawyers out there, can a person be made to serve jail time for lack of payment (he had a previous court order to pay his ex the support, but never paid). Thank you.

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