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April 2018, Istanbul: New Requirements for Residence Permit Extension?

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As you can see in the attached file i accidentally choosed SGK and because i applied for 2 years i had 2 insurance policy with 2 different numbers so i wrote the 2nd policy number (that finish on 2020) but they considered this an error, so my insurance information was wrong and the official advised me to take back all my documents, exit the country and come back and reapply (because if my app is refused i cannot apply for 6 months). So i got my documents back i'm gone to greece for a weekend and now i'm back in Istanbul. When exit the turkish border i was expecting to be asked to pay a fine for overstay (because my resedence permit finished in may) but the official say nothing and let me go. So now im again in Turkey with a 90/180 visa and i have plenty of time to pruchase a property (probably the apartement where i'm living) and then reapply for residence permit. the official at Goç Idaresi told me that if i have a tapu they will not require any extra document (like criminal report, health report, ect ect) and my application will be accepted.


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After thinking about this for a while, it makes complete sense, and I have already experienced this in Antalya. I've been living in Turkey for some 15 years. I have never bought a property -- I h

Just found this page on the İstanbul Göç İdaresi website http://istanbul.goc.gov.tr/tr/news/turizm-amacli-ikamet-izni-basvurularinda-istenilecek-evraklar It is dated 16th August and if it is

There are major changes for those applying for Touristic RP's [ those renting or showing a Taahhuname] in Istanbul now. 157 deny any changes,also no new information is on any DGMM or GOC website,but

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I would like to share my own on going unbelievable experience with the Goc idaresi bakirkoy. 


I have found this thread since end of jun, as I started to prepare my renewal, the long exhausting list and what already happened to some people did scare me quite a bit, but as they are mostly towards touristic purpose appliers, and my current 2-year-permit is based on the "Türkiye'de taşınmaz malı bulunanlar" purpose, subconsciously I was not so worried (proven I was so wrong).


I have prepared the following documents, lucky enough I got all these ready within a week (now I know it only means your trouble comes quicker)


1. İkamet İzni Başvuru Formu 

the formula printed after filling online (for info I had to use Turkish version on certain page or the system just blocked there) 


2. Pasaport noter onaylı fotokopisi ve son giriş damga sayfasının fotokopisi

My notarised passport info page + last entry stamps (this is not required but I just provided it anyway) 


3. İkamet İzni fotokopisi

current permit copy 


4. Dört(4)adet fotoğraf

four photos, I heard 2 photos are ok, but I didn’t want to risk anything 


5. Banka hesapların son 6 ay hareketleri

Bank movement transactions from jan to july get them stamped and signed by branch 


6. Sağlık sigorta poliçesi(iki yıllık sigorta poliçesi)

health insurance, I bought for 2 years as I’d like to apply a 2 year permit 


7. Tapu aktif kaydı, noter onaylı ve Tapu foto kopisi

went to the Tapu Müdürlüğü asked for proof of your Tapu is still active certificate, paid a small fee around 10TL, but I had to wait 30mins in a bank to pay for it (I did the noter onayli with Numarataj below just in case they ask for it)


8. Belediye Numarataj ve noteronaylı

went to the Belediye a bit late so got the Numarataj only next day. 


9. Yerleş yeri ve diğer adres belgesi

this is the e-signed address registered proof downloaded from e-devlet website 



Adil sicil kaydı

this is the e-signed criminal records downloaded from e-devlet website, I did not gave them the criminal records from my home country as I asked the Bakirkoy ilce calisma grup, they said it is not necessary for my case (renewal with TAPU?) 



Sağlık Kurulu raporu

the most tricky one is to get a Salik report appointment, you can try to be at your favourite public hospital from 6am but I refuse to torture myself, I just booked the first available appointment in any public hospital in European side of the city. Got the report the next day, signed by all the doctors with a completely unrecognisable ugly fish eyed cam taken photo printed on the report, yes you can imagine a zombie face on a healthy report -_- ) 



Harç ve belge bedelini ödeme makbuzu

It depends certainly on nationality I suppose, I paid 72TL + 668TL for a supposedly 2 year permit.


as soon as I finished gathering all the docs I posted it with registered letter. because of the « send your documents within 5 days rule », I actually have to go to the airport poste office to avoid any risk.


So with all these documents sent in time, I thought I could just wait for my new permit and relax, but I was sooooo wrong... 


When I get the message, I was like what? Did they just invent another document to stop renewing people’s permit. I admit my situation is probably not so commun, as I have a Hisseli TAPU, my aunt owns the apartment together with me.

So in order to meet the requirement, I brought an old notarised family relation copy to show the immigration officer if that is what she needed, as soon as I mentioned the other owner is my aunt (my aunt is a turkish national but the immigration officer couldn't care less), she said as the person is not my direct relative, I cannot claim a permit using home owner purpose, unless I hold 100% title deed under my name. Strange thing that the degree of relative of another title deed holder shall affecte the purpose of residency of another deed holer. (any suggestion or basis of current immigration law?), besides I am not applying for family residence permit but home owner one, I am not an eligble home owner in the eyes of GOC if I do not own 100%? But I was thunderstruck by what she said afterwards, I will have to apply using tourist purposes! I cannot believe what I heard, and I tried to justify with the fact that I have already held a permit using home owner purpose, and I have a permit since 2013. But I shut up when she started to accuse her colleague in the main istanbul GOC idaresi of wrong assessment of my case then. 

So now I am here, lost, after having a blue 3 years booklet resident permit from 2013 under old law, and home owner card permit for 2 years, I will become a tourist in this country again...

FYI, this happened on 26th July 2018.

I am so frustrated while writing this, maybe that's why I couldn’t sleep yet at this hour.

Huge congratulations to people in Goc idaresi, you win, you must be very proud for chasing away people who chose to live here because they actually like it here, learn the language and custom here, making efforts to cope in, and of course paying all kinds of strange and expensive taxes here... so you win


my apologies for spelling and grammar errors...

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Hey Elubzen,

I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with the Goc Idaresi. 

I have two questions to ask. 

Did they give you a 2-year touristic residence permit or they gave you for one year?

At the time of renewal when you applied, did you have to wait for the appointment date or immediate you were asked to send the documents by PTT? 

As for your situation is concerned, actually, the investor residence permit gives you the right to apply for the citizenship after five years, therefore the Goc Idare is very conscious while giving away such residence permits. I have had a similar experience as you; I bought an apartment 100% on my name with no partners last April. I went to apply for the investor status. They said that your house is based on the Blue Tapu which is the land Tapu and not the building Tapu, therefore, we could only give you a touristic residence permit. Before that day I was unaware of what is a Land and a House Tapu. Anyhow they gave me a touristic residence permit and I still have that. 

Looking forward to the answer.

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I had to re-apply a new renewal application. But I waited 1 day for them to cancel my application in the system first, then I was able to submit online a new renewal application. I had to do all that blanks filling and all the steps difference is the purpose from "real-estate holder" to "touristic visit". Btw,  they asked me a handwritten explanation letter as well, so I included that in this new dossier,  send all by registered letter from PTT again!  (note: maybe a printed version of explanation letter is fine, but I submitted a handwritten one).  To avoid any problem, I did pay again with new application generated payment number, and maybe I can get the first payment back since the application is cancelled.

I went on holidays in Fethiye after this... the whole thing is exhausting, and I have decided not to give up if anything goes wrong this time.

A few days ago, I got a message from PTT that my ikamet card is on its way blablabla. And today I have just got my new resident permit from PTT office; the renewed duration is still 2 years, sukur.

I still do not understand why their system is so stubborn, if the only change to be  made is the reason of my stay in Turkey, and the  whole dossier is the same. why can't they just click on their screen and change it in the formula electronically from their office, and ask for the explanation letter as missing document?

I cannot imagine what would be like in two years when I have to renew this one.

As for the citizenship possibility, although I have a residence permit, the duration of my stay is too short to meet the minimum requirement.

Hope this info helps.


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Guys i need an urgent help please.

My mom didn't apply to renew her Residency permit. It expired a month ago and now since she lives in Izmir(instead of Istanbul) she wants to apply for residency. What should be the next step? Is it possible to apply for new residency if she didn't apply for extension?

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Hey Elubzen,

in your first renewal attempt who told you to send all that documents?

In the case of  "Türkiye'de taşınmaz malı bulunanlar" 10.

Adil sicil kaydı and 11.

Sağlık Kurulu raporu are not required so i wonder why you sent it.

Of course that was needed in the second attempt for turistic stay, but i wonder who asked you that documents when you applied as home owner.

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From what I've heard and seen of actual results is that the system is all over the place. Just heard of someone who managed to get a whole year extension but the day before someone was refused on a first time application (after they were given the impression at the interview that everything was fine) . This goes totally against the stated policy of - Yes you can have a 1 year Ikamet as a tourist but after that only a 5 month renewal may be possible. A lot of people are being rejected and others are nearly always being given only 6 months.

Until you make your application and hit the button you can't assume anything. Everyone is being asked for different documents so it is sometimes not worth the time and expense of getting them in advance when they might not be needed. 

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Thinking of returning to Turkey after a few years away and this thread seems the best place to get updateded on how the game has changed.  I have my old Red Ikamet, but think I{ll be starting again from square one.  I just read Kens posts on the various RPs and needed a bit of clarification/updating on these points:

--- Criminal history checks.  Im a US citizen but have been in Ecuador for the last two years.  I{m thinking Ill need a CHC for my time here as well as from the US?  Also, in the US there are state and Federal (FBI) CHCs.  Ecuador required both to cover the range of ones potential criminality.  What about Turkey: all three?

--- Everything apostillized always, right? Although translations should be done in Turkey if nothing more than the cost.  BTW: are there "official" translators one must use, and if so how do you know if they are recognized as such?

----How much $, specifically, is considered sufficient to support oneself if single? Im on US social security and its easy to download a letter from their website (to be apostilized!), but Kac Para?

---- What about health insurance for OVER 65?  Seems like Id just sign up for SGK (forgetting my acronyms?).  Earlier I{d used Ankara Sigorta and its minimal coverage was pretty expensive, relatively speaking, for even the minimal yabanci coverage.  Ill read TC closer, but most mentions Ive seen for insurance refer to the requirements for those BELOW 65, so what are the current requirements on this front?

The whole RP business is quite an adventure.  Looking forward to an updates.

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All these problems that this thread is dealing with are for Istanbul only. I have not heard of anywhere else being affected.

If Criminal Record Checks are needed they are always from your home country (or Turkey) irrespective of where you have actually been living.

Health Insurance once you are over 65 is not needed although the definition of "over 65" can be interpreted not as having reached your 65th birthday but as being 66 ! In any case the premiums for these private policies have more than halved in the last couple of years whereas SGK is 500+TL a month I think.

In terms of funds, you need to demonstrate steady income going into an account (foreign or Turkish) over the last 6 months rather than an amount of money at one point in time.

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On 14/08/2018 at 23:57, wbtcpip said:

Hey Elubzen,

in your first renewal attempt who told you to send all that documents?

In the case of  "Türkiye'de taşınmaz malı bulunanlar" 10.

Adil sicil kaydı and 11.

Sağlık Kurulu raporu are not required so i wonder why you sent it.

Of course that was needed in the second attempt for turistic stay, but i wonder who asked you that documents when you applied as home owner.


Hi Wbtcpip,

When I did my first renewal as "Türkiye'de taşınmaz malı bulunanlar" , the required documents list did not include Adil sicil kaydı nor Sağlık Kurulu rapor, it was the same standard list as in 2017.

Since I read many testimonials from the internet, that the two documents are requested in many renewal cases, if not asked at first then asked as missing documents, so I went to confirm with Bakirkoy office before sending the 1st renewal application, I asked for my renewal case, if I would have to provide Adil sicil kaydı from my home country, they said no, and they did mention Sağlık Kurulu rapor is needed.

I wish I could tell you in case of  "Türkiye'de taşınmaz malı bulunanlar" you would only need to provide the minimum documents listed on their website, but I am rather pessimistic they would so easily give you a 2-year permit with only a TAPU.

Good luck with the apartment purchasing and ikamet izni renewal!


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Just found this page on the İstanbul Göç İdaresi website


It is dated 16th August and if it is followed consistently it would help people plan what they need but I am sure on the ground everything is very random.


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