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We had a very unfortunate incident yesterday at my complex of Mirage Residence. The local black and white cat jumped into the electricity box and frazzled herself to death, at the same time knocking out all the electricity on the site. The cat was taken away - luckily I did not see it myself but my next door neighbours from Norway did and they said it was not a pretty sight - and we were without electricity or computers because of course they use a Modem - for 6 hours. We had to get the Electricity Board to come in as our electrician was not allowed to touch the official electric box. He came as well and between them, we finally had the electric back on. I did not realise just how much I rely on electricity, especially for use of my laptop, but am fully aware now and so glad to be able to switch the lights on and have a cuppa from my electric kettle! x Angela in Side x



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