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Can I Renounce Turkish Citizenship for My Daughter?

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Petra Ilay

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I’m an EU citizen and my daughter is a double citizen (my country and TR), because her Turkish father is in the birth certificate but he never had any interest, never supported and didn’t see her since 3 years. He has a new woman and moved with her to South Africa and we don’t have any contact. We are living in EU. I don’t want her to keep the Turkish citizenship, how can I give it up?

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Hi Petra, welcome to the forum!  If your daughter is under 18 years of age, her Turkish father would normally need to agree to her opting out of Turkish citizenship -- in fact he would likely be required to give up his own citizenship as well (as happened with my daughter, for totally different reasons).  

You haven't mentioned why you don't want her to keep Turkish citizenship.  If it's nothing that stands in her way (or yours) for any particular reason, she can give it up herself when she turns 18, by applying through the Birth Registry here.

I hope a lawyer member may see your post & clarify this information, and detail how to go about it.  Good luck ! :)


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