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I haven't heard of this before, it sounds great though. I am wondering if the tours are being done by students studying to be tour guides.

Some tour companies do tours for less than the price at which they would make a profit, but these tours always include a stop at a carpet shop or some other shop where they get a commission if the tourists buy something. But that may not be the case here since they don't seem to mention shopping.

This is a good find, Star. :)

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Actually Ken, I do not think ıt ıs done by students.

At the fırst tıme the university had a trip for us for just a sultanahmet camii and bazar

but this one ı have no ıdea

I am wonderıng ıf anyone gıves me a complete lıst of the tourıst places ın ıstanbul. My frıend wll come here and I want to show ıt

do not get surprısed! I am not famılıar wıth ıstanbul. ı am ın pendık and had no tıme to go there

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What I would suggest is buying a local guide to Istanbul, if you want a complete list. There are many places to see. The Eyewitness Guide to Istanbul is an excellent one. Or you can go to the tourism information office and get a brochure for Istanbul, which would be free, and would also give you a list of things to see.

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