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Open bank account wıth only tax number and passport

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My wife went today to the only bank which opens an account with only tax number ...zıraat bank

She does not know Turkish well but hopefully the manager knows English

It ıs really surprising that they said to her she should have RP card

But I opened an account for my mother 2 years ago just wıth tax number and passport

tax number gotten from the vergi dairesi!!

ohh my gooood

every branch does dıfferent thıngs here

even every daıre!!

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Hi Yasmin & Suse, I hope you are completely recovered, it is good to see you back again.

I just opened a bank account a couple of weeks ago at Yapıkredi. It's quite easy, just a matter of filling out some forms and depositing the money. You can also open dollar and British Pound accounts. No big requirements really, just a valid ID and the money to deposit.

The default account I had was a non-interest bearing account. I am using that to automatically pay bills (just take your utility, satellite TV bills, etc and they will set it up). I also deposited Turkish Lira into a one-year interest-bearing account and a monthly interest-bearing account which will automatically re-invest the interest.

Yapıkredi got me set up on their internet site for internet banking and also helped me with downloading their mobile application and getting that set up.

No problems whatsoever.

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