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Residence Permit Online Application System Errors

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On 24/05/2019 at 13:16, REDDERS said:

The RP application site has got I.T. problems and has had for nearly 3 weeks now. It's throwing up all sort of anomaly pop ups.
The only thing worth trying is putting each section into Turkish mode,if that doesn't work then it's just a case of keep trying.

please i keep seeing this below message at the end of it after i click complete. what is the meaning of it


In order to have an appointment, you must update your information according to the following rules: It is required to hold a passport or a travel document valid for at least sixty(60) days beyond the requested period.


Randevu alabilmek için bilgilerinizi şu kurallara göre güncellemeniz gerekmektedir: Talep edilen süreden en az altmış gün(60) daha uzun süreli pasaport ya da pasaport yerine geçen belge olması gerekmektedir.
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You need to check the dates you entered for your passport. Your passport must be valid for the duration of the residence permit you're requesting, plus an additional 60 days. So what's happening is that you're entering a passport expiration date which is less than 60 days after your residence permit will be expiring.

To fix the problem, you probably just need to change the amount of time you want the residence permit for, so it expires more than 60 days prior to your passport expiration date.

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Hey everyone!

So i did my residence permit application without any problems and i got the final document with all details except an appointment date.

When i check the process on the official website the following messages comes when i try to get an appointment date or when I try to get details for payment.


Ödeme yapabilmeniz için bilgilerinizin Gelirler İdaresi Başkanlığına sistem tarafından gönderilmesi gerekmektedir. Bilgileriniz GIB'e gönderilirken bir hata oluştu. Daha sonra gönderim denenecektir. Daha sonra Ödeme sayfasından ödeme yapmayı deneyebilirsiniz.


Do you guys now anything about this?

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Ever since the online payment system was introduced it's barely worked 10% of the time. So the message is saying your payment cannot be found,so ignore this and before your interview go to your Tax office & pay the 2 fees.
All GOC offices  are currently closed till the 6th April.
A text will be sent to you in the coming weeks of your interview date & time pre arranged for you.

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Are you in Istanbul? What happened during the appointment phase of your online application? Were you able to create one, or did you see any message displayed about it?

It may be that you'll get an appointment sent to you by SMS or e-mail, depending on your choice of communication. This often happens with applications in Istanbul.

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Sorry Ken only saw your message now.

Well i finished the whole application online and I got the Başvuru Formu but without the appointment date on it.

I received my application number by SMS and when I go for the online platform of the RP I cant get an appointment date or even details for payment.

I'm applying for a RP in Istanbul yes So i presume I will receive the appointment date by either SMS or my email that i provided over the application. I guess due to the COVID-19 situation right now the immigration office is delaying this process so I'm not worried as i applyed for the RP before my tourist visa expired. I still have 2 months on it.

Thank you for all the info!


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