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Looking for some help please

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I am married to a Turkish Citizen an we married in Ireland in 2012. Unfortunately marrying in Ireland means we are bound my Irish divorce law, this means we needed to be separated for 4 years before filing for Divorce. 4 years is done on thursday the 15th of Feb but now my ex is making issues about signing the divorce papers. I have since found out that he has married someone else, I know in Turkey that some people choose to have a religious ceremony (this is doubtful from what i know of him) so I need to know how I find out if he is legally married there. Our marriage wouldn't have been registered in Turkey but I know it is legally binding and it would have been up to him to declare it.

Is there an easy way for me to check this information? If not does anyone know of someone I may be able to hire to find out the information? Someone who would charge a reasonable price 

Thank you so much in advance for your help 


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