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Overstay - different case

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my case is like this : 

i entered turkey on 28 Aug 2017 with my Jordanian passport on a 90 Days visa. 

I applied for an appointment for the residency permit , got it on 29 Nov 2017 

i went to the appointment and they requested extra papers from Jordan like bank account balance and a clean criminal record ( that will take 2 months to be issued from the embassy ) the criminal clean record issuance date is 5 Dec 2017 and had all the legal government stamps from Jordan and translated to English. 

i got the papers today 3 Feb 2018 

but I was told that I have only 30 days to get the requested papers and get back to the appointment again but it took 60 days 


am I considered as an overstayed person ? 

And what will be the procedure when I get back to the residency office and show them the papers and tell them that it took two months to be issued .


Thanks in advance 

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Hi, the allowance to submit missing paperwork is 30 days,so your application will have been totally cancelled,as stated in the DGMM website of documents required [within the front page of the online application site] ..I quote...

'' 10. Missing document Directorate may grant additional time up to 30 days for completion of missing documents. Your application will be cancelled if you fail to complete missing documents within specified time... ''


Yes you are now unfortunately classed as an overstayer, from the date your 90 days expired. You now need to leave Turkey & pay an overstay fine on exit & as you've used up your 90 days allowance on your expired visa,either stay out of Turkey for the following 90 days or return to Turkey asking at passport control for the Sartli Geris letter,where you promise to make an application for an RP within 10 days of entry...
If you do this you MUST save that letter & show it at your RP interview. You will also need to pay all the associated fees again when making the new application.

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I got a job offer recently and they offer to apply me a work permit but I must have a residency permit 1st 

and I can’t leave turkey for more than 2 days , does neccecary to leave to Jordan and back again ? Can leave to a visa free country like Cyprus or Lebanon then get back and apply for my RP ? 

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