Giving Power of attorney to someone not in Turkey

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I would like transfer/change my apartment that I own in turkey to my brother's name who is currently living in Afghanistan. He doesn't have the required visa to visit Turkey to complete the procedure personally therefore I am seeking your help to find the best and cheapest way to get change it to his name.

We are told he has very good chance of getting Turkish Visa from Kabul, Afghanistan once he has a real estate in his name in Turkey and this is the main reason for changing it to his name. Can I just give him full POA if yes how can i do that while he is not Turkey?

Thank you very much.

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Before you sart getting into POA's,i assume you do realise that you cannot just transfer the title deed to someone else.

You have to 'sell'  it to them,so basically go through the whole selling process paying tax ,fees etc.

Also i cannot see how you can have him be POA for you when he is buying the property,it needs to be a 3rd party person.
Both the person you chose to be POA for him & his goodself need to sign the POA together.
If the POA document is made in another country other than Turkey,then it will need to be apostilled in the issuing country,then when the document & POA are in Turkey,the document needs to be translated into Turkish by an official translator,then the translated document must be noterised .

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