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if someone has a short term resident permit, could he go outside of Turkey and turn back whenever he wants (I mean until it has not been expired)?

I know that 2 years ago, for someone who has not rp, he could stay 3 months in Turkey (for specific nationality) and after going outside he should stay out for 3 months and then allowed to return. For instance, if he stays 10 days and get out, he should stay 10 days outside and then would be allowed to come in Turkey? Is this rule remained? How about a person with rp?


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Yes, a person with a Residence Permit can go out of Turkey and come whenever he wants providing the Residence Permit has not expired.

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maybe I can help you a bit... 

Normally as a normal tourist (without Ikamet, European citizenship) there is the 90/180 days rule. That means you are allowed to stay maximum 90 days (not 3 months!) inside of Turkey without a residence permit and then you have to be 90 days outside of turkey. It leans on the schengen visa which has the same rule. That is the basement of the rule. 

With a residence permit you can travel whenever you want outside and inside of Turkey. But there is also a maximum of days you are allowed to stay outside; if and how long this is up to which residence permit you have. (I think it was for tourism Ikamet 90 days during 1 year) otherwise it is not possible to renewal the Ikamet under the same reason. 

Check for further information the government site for Ikamet application. Or ask your consulate.

Just as general information. I don't know your residence permit status or your citizenship. maybe for your country or status are different rules.

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