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Are There any Statistics About Residence Permits by Country?

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You may find this interesting too:-

The number of properties sold to foreigners, however, surged 21.4 percent on year-on-year basis in November, as incentives for foreign property buyers still continued.

Of the total sales, 2,152 houses were sold to foreigners, approximately 34 percent (or 728 units) of them in Istanbul, the country’s largest city by population.

Following Istanbul, the Mediterranean holiday resort city of Antalya came second with 491 properties, while the northwestern province of Bursa ranked third with 142 units.

The figures also showed Iraqi citizens topped the list of buyers with 405 properties, followed by Saudis with 239 units, Kuwaitis with 151, Russians with 135 and Afghans with 105.


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What you quoted above is what I have observed in my visit and have expressed the same in one of my post. The real estate property market in Turkey for making money as buy  n sell for foreigners is not a good idea for me. Buying as an end user is fine.

Local population has less buying power and they usually opt for buying into projects which jv with local banks on a long term mortgage. The foreigners are lured by the many arab speaking agents with a false promise that their properties when completed will be sold for 20 percent appreciation. I known a few of em who have bought and now cant sell .

So in my view,  best is to buy for your own use should you want to make turkey as your second home and quite honestly it is a wonderful place to live and retire as long as your passive income is coming from outside as USD.



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Bang on the nail Fusions, estate agents the world over will make misleading statements to improve the chances of a sale. In Turkey a common one is to announce that something new (and attractive to buyers) eg a new golf course/marina will open soon and it will be easy to sell at a profit. Years later the development of said golf course/marina never happens.

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Thanks for your concur views. Yes agents are the same everywhere. However I will add a bit more.

I have seen a marina project as well , its called denize istanbul 


I noticed that in Turkey the quality of some projects are really of high standard, they also deliver with slight delay. The issue is the false appreciation in price claim. First of all a foreigner can not sell once the property is handed over unless he agrees to pay 18% tax which virtually offset any appreciation. So he needs to wait 5 years.

Second most of the countries you mentioned are areas where folks want to run away to have a safe decent living. By having a home in turkey their chances of residence permit and a tangible attachment will make them perfect candidates for any residence benefits. People from rich gulf states ; half of em bought to have a holiday home, hence they were sold cheaper properties (under 100k USD) in remote areas from main center (like bahcesehir or even further). I would still think if you buy wisely in areas close t the city center, you may get away with good profit after 5 years but the selling pitch from these agents is like buy anywhere and you will be able to sell it immediately once you have title deed and that too with a very good roi.

The only place I found will give you very good return in dubai, though it has slowed down bit now, but still with no taxes , the yield is still between 6-8%.


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