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Moving to Turkey or UAE

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Can you get a residence permit in Dubai? I believe that you cannot live there unless you are granted a work visa, and hence the right to live. Dubai is a very comfortable place to live if you have a job that earns enough money. Much of the answer you are seeking will depend on your nationality, age and employment status. Most of the middle eastern countries apply different standards according to nationality.

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Well let me share my views/questions. Its about the comfort level. 

While I visited Istanbul and have seen a lot of folks from different parts of the world, yet there is no common language developed as means of communication. For example in dubai, the public and private sectors english is understood to be the medium of communication and for a person to choose a 2nd home, it makes a big difference.

In turkey it was really tough for us to communicate in english. Apart from this disadvantage, which is a big one, i found the place better than Dubai in so many ways (cost of living, weather, people are welcoming).

Essentially how was your experience when you live in turkey and you run for errands and not knowing turkish. must have been a big issue I reckon, or not?

I read that in order to get a residence permit the govt officials need you to have a lawyer because they would not speak in english and is this across the board, for example if you have an emergency and you go into a hospital, how would you communicate?




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I have also lived in Abu Dhabi, and other Gulf Countries. For me there was a feeling that the locals felt superior and that if they had enough 'Wasta' (influence) they could always get their own way even if they are in the wrong. Example the British man who was recently jailed for touching a local man's waist when passing him in a crowded bar. It took me many years in Turkey to learn the word for wasta (torpil) but it is an every day word in the Gulf.

I recently helped a friend get her residence permit, but on the day of her interview I was in the UK so could not help. My wife went with her. At the immigration centre they proveded a lovely lady interpreter for her, and all was done in English.


Having worked on and off in Turkey and TRNC for 11 years, and 14 years in Abu Dhabi and the Gulf there is no contest. Turkey every time, but i did bother to learn the language a little.

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