Divorce in Turkey - advice please

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I'm looking for some advice please. I am a British citizen and have been married to a Turkish man for three and a half years. Unfortunately things have changed a lot since we were married and I am now looking at getting a divorce. I am currently in the UK and he is in Turkey. I have a couple of questions and would really appreciate some advice.

Do I need to return to Turkey for the divorce or can I stay in the UK during the process? Would this be the same for all types of divorce or only uncontested as unfortunately I don't think he will agree to the divorce.

Do I need the red family book to be able to start the divorce proceedings?

Can anyone recommend any good lawyers?


I'm sure I have other questions but at the moment they are the main ones and can't think of the others right now.


Thank you

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Dear Bevan,

You do not need to come to Turkey to start divorce process in Turkey if your partner is not willing to divorce by agreement. 

You do not need a family book since your marriage registered in Turkey. Therefore we need your patner’s I.D. information,especially I.D. number,which is stated at I.D. card or passport. 

I am myself a family lawyer you can ask your further questions trough whatsapp&mobile +905079767304 or mail to since your situatiation includes privacy .

And  please do not hesitate to ask to Ken who is founder of Turkey Central for my credientials as a lawyer.  

Best Regards

Zelal Senguler

Attorney at Law



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