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My boyfriend is a Turkey soldier...how will i know if he's telling the truth?

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I've met this guy through online dating app. He was a soldier. I'm a newbie professor living in the Philippines.. He was 23 and I'm 19. Now...he say he can't go to my country because turkey soldiers were banned to travel abroad since last year. Should i trust him on that? Coz i searched about turkey soldiers being banned to travel abroad....and i cant find similar to that...so...i made a fake account and add his soldier friends and other relatives. Then i asked them if its true then i got a positive reply...soldiers are banned to travel in other countries ...but i want more clarifications and advice...

He say that he will buy me ticket so i can visit him in turkey. I told him that i can't go there just alone...so we agreed that i will visit him with mom. And mom's traveling cost will be my own expenses. He will buy a ticket just for me. I ask him if i can meet his family he say it must be good if we go to Cappadocia first. Hmm. Really i was suspecting him ..i don't know please help me...i also don't know what to ask here or to say ... Thanks in advance.


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I cannot know the intentions of the man you're referring to, but I hope this helps.

I don't know if there is a ban on them visiting other countries, but because Turkey had a coup last year, it seems plausible. If he is paying for your ticket, then that would be a positive sign. Some Turkish men play with foreign women on the internet, but they would never pay for anything like that--they usually try to get the woman to send them money for some fake accident or emergency. So if he actually pays for your ticket, that would indicate that he isn't just playing with you.

If he's a soldier, then he wouldn't have much money while he was in the military. So he may not be able to afford two plane tickets right now. Turks who do their required national service in the military get paid very little during their service time.

If he wants to meet you in Cappadocia, with your mother,  that would mean he isn't playing games with you. I don't know for sure, but I believe when a Turkish man brings a woman to meet his parents, it might mean that he intends to marry the woman, so it may be too soon for that. And that is completely understandable. It sounds to me like he is trying to make a proper compromise between honoring his culture and getting to know you better first. I am assuming he hasn't actually met you yet, so a meeting in Cappadocia would be a good choice.

I must say that it is good that you are suspicious about this. Some women let their hearts control their brains, and they end up getting taken for a ride by a man they have met online, and they get their hearts broken. It happens with men as well (but with women). Because he is willing to meet you with your mother, and because he is willing to pay for your ticket, this tells me that this is not the case here.

And Cappadocia would be a fantastic place to meet. If you have not been there, just the visit would be worth it. It is one of the most interesting places on earth.

I often warn women in such situations, but it sounds to me like this one is okay. And if you go to Cappadocia and meet him, please let us know how it went! :)

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