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Extend tourist visa

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I am an italian cititzen and currently in Turkey on a tourist visa. Is there any way to extend the 90 days? 

I was looking on www.mfa.gov.tr. For many countries it says 90 days withing 180 days. For italian it only says 90 days. Does this mean I could leave Turkey for a day and reenter to get another 90 days?

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For EU countries, the visa has a validity period of 180 days, with a maximum of 90 days allowed in Turkey in any 180-day period. Unfortunately, that means the previous 180 days. So if you bought another visa, you could still not exceed more than 90 days in the country within the past 180 days. The only other option would be to apply for a residence permit.

Once you successfully apply online, you can stay legally until your appointment date, when you will be given a temporary residence permit, then have a regular residence permit mailed to your address. But in order to apply online, you have to buy a year's worth of health insurance, have a fixed address, etc...

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