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Moving to Turkey?

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Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well.

I have been considering moving to Turkey. I have a few questions in my mind and i would appreciate if people living in Turkey or have knowledge would comment and share there experiences.

1) I am confused about which city to move to. Yes i have read about people's experiences experiences on various forums. I have a few cities in my mind. Of course there are multiple factors one has to keep in mind.
What I am looking for in a place? Not too crowded nor a ghost town. 
I am pretty much inclined towards Fetihye but then again I have read its mostly elderly expat community in Fetihye.

2) So the options I am left with are Fetihye( Oludeniz,Sedekmir), Kusadasi, Bodrum, Antalya & Didim(or even Bursa). The reason is obviously because of its economical prices. My budget is under 1,20,000 USD for a 3 bedroom villa. I can not compromise on living in an apartment as I have a dog which will be moving with me.

Why am I mentioning the dog? Because the country I am living in...is not a pet friendly country and dogs are considered to be unholy....

I had to move recently from my previous house because the owner was quite upset as I had brought a dog in and GOD forbid his house had become filthy and impure. So I was left with two options either "throw away the dog" or move out. Location of the house was outstanding as it was located infront of a huge beautiful park. The only reason I prefered that house was because of its location and i had taken that house on lease for my elderly parents so they could enjoy the view.

 I have noticed that a lot of villas in Turkey do not have boundaries? Again I am concerned for the pooch as I need him to roam around in the yard freely without any problems.

3) I am also thinking about investing in a couple of apartments in Istanbul region (Not in the middle but not too far away either) Areas which seem affordable to me are Esenyurt, Beylikduzu.  I was offered an apartment by a real estate agent based in Istanbul for 1 + 1 apartment/daire for 79,000 USD which was quite expensive imo as I had managed to find cheaper apartments in the same area on sahibinden. Also the real estate guy told me that i could easily put the aparment on rent for 1000 USD per month (Which was hard to digest) And no the aparment wasn't located in the city centre! As I understand some people do pay 750 USD near the Taksim/Sissly area in istanbul.

My question is how realistic is it if i would go for 2 apartments in istanbul ranging between (200000-300000 Turkish Lira) and put them on rent? Is it realistic to earn a decent amount 3500-4000 Turkish Lira per month?

Sorry for the long post but I am new to this forum and would like to gather as much information i can. As I need to decide asap if moving to Turkey is for me or not! 

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Buy property down south Antalya....rent it out there.  Istanbul people are moving from Istanbul for a reason...it is too over crowded.

If you have the $, live in Antalya as well.  The international airport is within reach & you can get a villa there in your price range if you look hard enough.  You can get a fence put in for cheap.

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My question is how realistic is it if i would go for 2 apartments in istanbul ranging between (200000-300000 Turkish Lira) and put them on rent? Is it realistic to earn a decent amount 3500-4000 Turkish Lira per month?

The best way to check that would be to go to the property sales/rental listings and see what properties like you want to buy, in the area you want to buy, are renting for. You can find these property listing websites under "External Links" at the bottom of this article:


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On ‎10‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 1:54 PM, McB said:

Yes Istanbul is too crowded- even the people that moved out to the single villa suburbs a decade ago to places like KenerBurgaz are now leaving- mostly for foreign shores- recently there is some movement into Riva on the black sea coast...but along the south western coast you should maybe try an area near Foca north of Izmir, or maybe Dalyan near Dalaman or maybe even Kemer near Antalya (if you do not mind Russian neighbors); other more remote places include the Datca peninsula outside of Marmaris, or outside of Kas either up in the hills or on the way to Kale/Demre..  these places all have natural beauty in abundance, clean environment and reasonably good local produce, tranquility and natural habitat ideal for dog, and access to some reasonably sophisticated civilisation nearby (by Turkish standards)... 


Definitely dont buy in Esenyurt, Beylikduzu... these are not actually in Istanbul but some distance away, you can find much better prices than that offered, and you will never rent it at the rates mentioned- it will be the biggest mistake you ever made, buying in one of these satellite construction sites they call suburbs of Istanbul... and centre of Istanbul like Taksim or Sisli is no place for a dog...finding green space for a doggie walk is a real endeavor- forget free running... 


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I have been all over Turkey and to 135 countries in the world ... there are only 197 countries in total in this world!  No, I am not going to those I have missed out ... that was for a reason ... but no time here to explain!  So, Side where Mike and I now live is, in my opinion, the very best place in the whole world to live... it has the 2nd longest sandy beach in all of Turkey ... lots of Roman ruins, including the Apollo Temple where Anthony and Cleopatra fell in love ... an active amphitheatre where we get free shows for 2 weeks every September ... thank you Mayor Of Side ... a Saturday market which has absolutely everything and anything you would need at very reasonable prices if you are good at haggling?  ... loads of bars, shops and restaurants ... a pretty little harbour with lovely bars and restaurants there ... lots of water sports ... lots of day trips, including our favourite, white water rafting which is only £18 for the day and includes lunch of trout or chicken and you can get a DVD of your day at the end for a bit extra.  Here are the tours from Side on offer and if you book on this website you will pay 10% up front and the remaining 90% when you go on the tour ... http://www.sidedailytours.com/   - and here are some photos of Side ...https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=photos+of+side+turkey&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwic6rXzydTXAhXBApoKHa98CjwQ7AkIPw&biw=1304&bih=677

There is a promenade along the coastal path here that goes on for miles and miles and is excellent for older folk, those in wheelchairs and children's buggies... no cycling or cars are allowed on the promenade which is flat and easy walking on it.  They are currently extending the promenade and, when completed in about 3 months time, it will be the longest one in the Mediterranean Region.

I am English but have lived in Side on and off for 12 years.  In that time I have bought 3 properties... the first was a villa which I have now sold, the second we lived in for 6 years but is now up for sale for just £40,000 including all the furniture.  It is only a 10 minute walk to the beach from there and it is on the first floor level, overlooking a very big communal swimming pool.  The third property we live in.  We decided to move here because we now have 2 x bathrooms, 2 x bedrooms, 2 x balconies, an indoor and outdoor pool, a fitness centre ... which Mike uses every morning for about an hour ... a barbeque area and a children's play area ... although there are no kids on site, not because they are not allowed but because nobody seems to have any here.  The outdoor pool is open all year and there is a button on one end of it... if you press that, the whole of the outdoor pool turns into a jacuzzi.  We have 24 hour security which is run by 3 x brothers who take turns and on the security hut is another button ... if you press that, within 5 minutes a taxi appears ... there is also a wonderful full-time gardener here ... and we are a 15 minute walk to the beach.  The price I paid was £65,000 including the furniture and that was just 4 months ago.  Maintenance here at Mirage Residence is 400 TL per month, whereas at the one I am selling - Green Apart - it is only 100 TL per month.  My water bill was £1.50 last month!!  But electricity is expensive, about the same price as in England, so we try not to use the air conditioning very often and just leave all the doors and windows open to get a cross breeze.

Side is only a 50-minute drive from Antalya airport and there are flights here all year round from nearly all UK destinations.  We always fly with Thomas Cook from Gatwick direct to Antalya but a friend just booked a 10-day trip for next June with EasyJet on the same route direct for just £75 return.

Here are some 3-bed villas in Side and it also shows my apartment for sale at Green Apart for £40,000 ... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-property-for-sale/Side.html  - and - http://www.sideestateagent.com/ilan.php?id=223   -and-  http://www.sideestateagent.com/ilan.php?id=184

I am not a golfer but according to those who are, Belek has the best golf courses in the world and it is only a 45 minute drive there from Side.  If you live in this area - Belek or Side - you can join a golf society for foreigners whereby you get discounted games of golf on many of the Belek golf courses and membership is very cheap... and the discounts are huge... you can of course find other Brits to play golf with through that society.

Not only do I love living in Side but I met my partner Mike here 7 years ago when he came over for a 2-week holiday but never left.  We have lived together happily for the past 7 years and intend getting married next June in Surrey, England so my 88 year old Mum can attend, along with my 9 x nephews and nieces.  Mike and I are both the oldest of 5.  I attach a photo of us taken 4 years ago on the promenade in Side.  

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to ask.

x Angela in Side x

Angela & Mike (1).</p>

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Yes FenerEniste, Side is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world.  I feel very blessed, especially as I am now with Mike who is the most wonderful man I have ever met... he does all the cooking and cleaning ... and I do the washing up, the laundry and the shopping... it works for us at least!  x Angela in Side x

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