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Is Turkey a pet friendly country?

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The reaction to pets is varied. In cosmolpolitan areas of cities people are more accepting of pets. In the countryside and villages people see dogs as necessary to protect property but do not really care for them, food and shelter are not as I would like to see. the municipalities seem to be looking after street dogs better now.

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It certainly does vary, depending on how "traditional" they are. I have known Turks to be very loving to all kinds of animals, there are many who take care of stray dogs and cats, and adopt them. Some are real animal rights activists, and have become vegans for that reason. On the other hand, I have seen some kick dogs, and occasionally even poison them. The latter are few and far between, thankfully, but it does happen.

A lot of it will probably depend on where you want to live. If it's a city or town where a lot of expats live, there will probably be no problems with the locals. But if you're planning to live in the outskirts of such a city or town, or in a more "village-like" environment, you may encounter people who dislike cats and dogs. What I would suggest is, when you get there, meet some of the local expats to learn about the local mentality. In Kaş, where I lived for a few years, people tended to be very tolerant and loving towards the animals. Sometimes when entering a store or restaurant, you would have to step over a dog who chose the doorway as a good place to take a nap! :)

A lot of apartments have a "no pets" policy. So if you are going to rent a place, be sure and ask the landlord or the property agent if pets are accepted.

I have never heard of any problems with pets at the airport. As I understand it, they accept the European routine for incoming pets, with the same veterinary checks and shots. For information about pet carriers, have a look at the website of the airline you intend to use. There should be information about what requirements your pet carrier must meet.

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