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American in Turkey

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My name is Robert. I am a 28 year old American who has been dating a Turkish woman for some time. While she is Turkish by nationality, she has an Albanian heritage and strong ties to it at that. We had known one another for roughly a year prior to forming any sort of intimate relationship. We are both madly in love and although it has not been long we are fully aware that this is our next step, marriage. 

I want to do this properly, as in abiding by all traditional Turkish customs. As I think this is important to her. I know some small details about asking her parents, speaking with her father drinking Chai or Kahve. But I really want to make sure that I do this the proper way. So I guess my question is does anyone have any advice or really any awareness of customs when it comes to making a Turkish proposal? 

I have had the opportunity to meet her parents, prior to us dating and they know who I am. BUt this October will be the first time they meet me as more than just a friend of hers.

thank you everyone all advice is greatly appreciated and I am looking forward to both going to vist her and the future that we are starting.

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Welcome to the big dance!

I've been married almost 10 years to a Turk.  There's no rhyme or reason to it really.  Get w/some of your Turkish friends (guys) and ask them if you want to do a strictly traditional style top to bottom affair. 

I didn't meet my father in law until 1 week before my wedding....so I was pretty unorthodox in asking for my wife's hand in marriage lol.  Granted I knew all the other members of the family when we were dating for the 1+ years. 

I'm sure more people will chime in w/some more input...check out the link.

Best of luck!


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