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Are Jobs Without Insurance Legal?

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Are all of the jobs without insurance considered illegal? I mean if someone (like the person I told above) wants to work for 5 months legally, should he find an employer? Which kind of works are legal?

I talk about a person who stays with a tourist allowance and want to work.

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There are two things... Permission to live and permission to work.

The Tourist residence permit is permission to live for 'touristic' purposes only.

Any type of Residence permit is a permission to live only. Even the family residence permit (that spouses of Turks) get is also a residence permit hence only giving permission to live. 

Permission to work is a work permit. Which an employer applies and gets on your behalf for you. This is the only way to legally work in Turkey. 

Another way is live as a tourist for 8 years and apply for a long term residence permit and a non restrictive work permit. This allows you to work anywhere in Turkey without a need for work permit but it needs at least eight years of uninterrupted residence in Turkey (11 months in every 12 months).

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But many tourists work in Turkey with a low income and without insurance. So, is it illegal?

If so, what type of fare the employers might be encountered by the government?

Go for example to Sakarya, you see many foreigners who work in Ase mobiliya without any permission. Of course, some of them went to united nation in Ankara, and submit as a refugee. They are waiting for the third country permission. At the same time, they work without insurance.

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I think you may have gained a false impression about tourists working. As far as I know, few tourists work and those that work in visible jobs, especially cafes and restaurants, are often picked up by the authorities quite quickly. There may be people on tourist visas working in less visible jobs such as in workshops or as day labourers. But if they have enough money to enable them to get a residence permit, why would they be working for little money?

People who are refugees or are applying for that or have some permission to be in Turkey  other than a regular residence permit seem to have a different status and that may be how they are able to work.

In general in Turkey the authorities are clamping down on the employment of people without insurance. Last year all work places were required to submit the names and tc numbers of all people working there. The fines for businesses employing unregistered staff, TC citizens and foreigners, are very high.

Another interesting point, not relevant to the ilegals you are asking about, is that anyone who is entitled to work but does not have their sgk paid by the employer, or whose income declared by the employer is less that the actual amount, can complai to the sgk and the employer will have to pay up the rest of the amount and pay a large fine. 

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Thanks for your complete answer. One of my friend is refugee and he is waiting to the third country that would be chosen for him and family. Employer does not give him insurance but pays 1800 tl. Of course, he works a lot and maybe 11 hours a day, except Sunday. But, he never complains and I think no one do that! Because, his work is going under danger. At least, foreigners don't act like that.

Yeah, I got what you said.

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See your question shifted a bit.. First you asked what is legal and what is illegal. This is to do with the laws written in the books and constitution. People do work illegally but obviously this is illegal and may if caught be deported..

Foreigners work hard and are paid much less than locals and at some places even the Police and other relevant departments also have corruption but having said that at the end of the day. Illegal work is Illegal work. 

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