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Flory Mendoza

Changing from a Work Permit to a Residence Permit

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I believe you're referring to residence permits and work permits rather than the visas. Yes, you can apply. Since you have already been in Turkey for work you should have no problem changing to a residence permit. The main difference will be that since you won't have a job, you will have to declare (and probably show) that you have enough money or other income to live in Turkey without working illegally.

When your work permit is about to expire, say, 60 days prior, apply for a short term residence permit, which you can get for a duration of up to two years. You can apply online. Get your photos taken and health insurance beforehand because you'll need to upload a scanned photo and enter the insurance information during the application process. You'll need to declare that you have sufficient funds to live in Turkey for the duration you want the residence permit for. At the end of the online application process you'll select an appointment day and time. At the appointment you'll take the hard copies of everything they require and you will probably also be asked to prove what money or income you have to live on.

Of course, with a residence permit you won't be allowed to work, for that, you would have to find another employer and apply for another work permit.

For a more complete overview of the residence permit process, see this section which will explain how the residence permit works, and it also has a guide explaining what documentation you will need:

Short Term Residence Permits

If you have any questions or run in to any problems during the process just post them here.

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