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Got a Residence Permit but now want a Work Permit

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Hello everyone, this is a great forum with great advice, a big thank you to everyone who posts on here!

In short I've been living here in Turkey for around 10 months now, I have a 2 year residence permit and bought a house after getting my permit. After setting up a private company here with the intention of doing business, expenses have mounted tremendously and my savings have certainly dwindled. I searched about this but couldn't find a clear answer and I feel that very often even when asking a government official, they don't have an answer (plus my Turkish is not so fun to interact with).

Can I apply for a job and get a work permit without having to change my residence permit? I feel it will be a hassle to change the status for myself and my large family. I really doubt this can be easily pulled off, but does anyone have experience with getting a work permit after getting a residence permit and what was the process?

Thanks in advance, peace!

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