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Carina Ramos

visa process for domestic help

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Hi!  Does anyone here knows the process for applying for a work visa for a domestic helper coming from another country?

My daughter is a Filipina architect married to a Turkish Pilot - they're based in Istanbul and are expecting their first baby in 2 months.  They want to hire a helper from the Philippines.  How long is the usual process for work visa application?

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It should be the same as a regular work visa. You can learn about that in this guide to getting a work permit from outside of Turkey, this is just the introductory article, there are others in the same category. If there are any differences for domestic help, the embassy or consulate where you apply will explain them.

I got one years ago and the process took around 40 days, but I understand it can be faster. The paperwork has to be filed more or less at the same time by the employer and employee, the paperwork goes to Ankara, and they decide if they will issue a work visa or not. If they do, they'll send it to the embassy or consulate where you apply. Then you enter with the work visa, and get your work permit after you are in Turkey.

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