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Turkish Citizenship and the Cost of SGK Health Insurance

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SGK insurance premiums are "means tested," that is, the rate depends on how much money you make, up to the maximum. If you can show your income meets certain standards, you'll get the same premium price as a Turkish citizen under the same financial circumstances.

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Hi lm in citizenship application process, now waiting for finger print scan then lnterviews, how long should l wait to be granted citizenship or to become citizen officially. 

2nd question Do l have to go for military service at one point or lm exempt? 


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Why not? You wanna be a citizen, that means certain rights but also certain obligations. Enjoy...

In Turkey, compulsory military service applies to all male citizens from twenty to forty-one years of age. Those who are engaged in higher education or vocational training programs prior to their military drafting are allowed to delay service until they have completed the programs or reach a certain age. The duration of the basic military service varies: for those without 4-year university degrees twelve months as privates; for those with 4-year university degrees or higher either twelve months as reserve officers or six months as short-term privates.

Turkish citizens who reside outside Turkey and have worked for at least three consecutive years have the option to pay a certain fee to be exempt from mandatory military service. This requires a fee of 2000 EUR and a theoretical military training as of August 2018.

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On 27/06/2017 at 00:15, Tony07 said:

I am paying the max now, so I guess I will just have to keep stumping up, just wondering. 

There is a myth that foreigners get "stuck" with higher payments than Turkish citizens. Ken is correct, enrollment in SGK bases payment on income, SGK has a web site, some of which is in English.  I suggest you meet with an accountant who knows about taxes and other financial and income reporting obligations to determine what your SGK payments will be. Anyone who qualifies for a residence permit has to show income of 500 USD monthly which also puts them in the highest bracket for SGK payment. If you will be working in Turkey after citizenship, you should inquire about retirement and health benefit payments. If you pay into the system an adequate amount and qualify for retirment, you will no longer have to pay in to SGK as a retiree. 
Consult an attorney or accountant for all this.

I fail to understand why anyone would want citizenship unless they need to work in Turkey. Turkey officially allows, but can decide not  to "recognize" dual-citizenship if or when it might come to certain alleged offenses against the state. A NASA scientist who was born in Turkey but became a US citizen, returned to Turkey to visit his family, a disgruntled neighbour made a complaint, the scientist was imprisoned and is now under house arrest the last I heard. In these troubled times, many Turkish citizens have been imprisoned for publicly disagreeing with certain government actions. A non-citizen, unless accused of spying, would face, at most, extradition. A personal friend of mine who is a UK citizen and is a 25+ year resident was detained at the Istanbul Emniyet overnight for being in the crowd at a protest against the jailing of a group of academics. The next day he was released and as he left the Emniyet, immigration took him in to custody and that night they put him on a plane to the UK!! (True story). He returned a few days later with the help of the UK government. He had been involved in some minor acivism previously and it was obvious he was singled out for a stern warning. He was fired from his position at a university. He then applied for a retirment he was eligible for and they cut his pension payments in half. He is now in a very long court queue trying to get his pension reinstated. This is called a "chilling effect" not as stren as prison which is where he most certainly would have been had he been a citizen.

Not saying you might be in the crosshairs of some government official but neighbours have been known to rat out people they do not like with dire consequences to those fingered.  

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