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Questions About the Gap Between 90-day Periods on a Turkish Visa

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i have a German passport and stayed in the beginning of the year 2 months in Turkey. Now i am back to turkey and have one month left on my 90 days in 180 days.

If i understand it correctly it counts from the first day of arrival. Now, i am planning to stay 2,5 months in Turkey. Between the 90th day of my stay and the end of 180 days is a gap of 3 weeks. one option would be to go out of Turkey for this time, but since my girlfriend is living here i am looking for a way to be able to stay inside the country.

1) what are the consequences if i overstay 3 weeks? would the 180 days start automatically or would i need to do a visa run? Does north Cyprus work for this?

2) A Friend told me to apply for a residency. While the process is going on i can(actually have to) stay inside the country. He said apply in the end and before it is getting to a interview or payment the three weeks will be over and i can cancel the application. 

Does anyone has an idea if it could work? Or maybe there are some official ways for this cases.

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This section here:

Should answer your questions. Especially have a look at the overstay article and the 90-in-180-days rule.


I have also heard of the technique of applying for a residence permit, since the time from your visa application to your interview, you can use the printed-out application to cover you until your appointment. Then after your appointment, you can use the temporary residence permit they give you.

I have not heard of this being illegal, and I don't know how they would know when you actually planned to leave.

There's no "visa run" as I think you are thinking of. The rule is that the visa is good for 180 days, but you can't stay in Turkey any more than 90 days in the past 180-day period. So, since you will have exhausted your existing visa, you can get another one, but would have to wait some amount of time before you could return. As long as you don't exceed 90 days in Turkey in the previous 180 days you'll be okay.

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Unless you are under 18 or over 65 you'll need to purchase health cover before you make your online RP application,as you'll need to include the policy number on your application form. So if you leave you will have wasted quite a sum of Lira..
For just 2.5 months you may be better to just be an overstayer and pay around 300 TL fine on exit at passport control.

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Okay thank you will have a look at the text.

Another question: if i overstay and my passport is getting checked(these days it happens quiet often) what will happen?

Will they only check my name or also visa? And what will they say if i don't have a valid visa?

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There is no way for anyone to predict what an individual police person will do. They will probably just tell you to leave the country, but there is no way to be sure. If they have your name, then it will be because you have a visa, and if you have overstayed, they will know it.

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