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Address Registration at Nüfus When Staying at a Friend's Place in Turkey

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I just received my resident permit card. I have read on this site, that you need to register your address at the population directorate (nüfus) 20 business days after receiving the permit. As I'm staying at a friends place I don't have a rental contract on my name to prove my address, how do I register my address at the Nüfus in this case?

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When we did this for one of our friends we had to write a letter to say that she was staying with us and that we would feed her and be financially responsible for her needs (fortunately it did not say clothe her, or pay her speeding fines!) for one year. this had to be notarised and presented to the officer at the Nufus office. Note that both my wife and I had to sign the letter.

I hope that this helps.

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Just an update to this topic since most of it is correct. For new residence permit applications, there is no longer any need to register your address separately with the Population and Citizenship Directorate (Nüfus). The Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) now does this as part of the residence permit application process. When you change your address, you can also do it at the DGMM without having to go to the Nüfus.

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Do you mean where you would get the address document to prove where your friend lives?

If that's what you mean, it's unnecessary. When you go to your appointment, the immigration officer can access your host's address information from their computer.

Your friend (and anybody on the rental contract) must also go to a notary and sign a taahhütname, which says they will be responsible for any debts you have if you leave Turkey without paying them. Also that they'll make sure you either leave when your residence permit expires or that you apply for an extension.

You'll also need a notarized copy of the rental contract when you go to your appointment.

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It used to be that you had to go to the Population Directorate (Nüfus) for proof of address, but you don't have to do that any more, because the immigration officers have access to the address records now.

The taahhütname is a legal declaration by your friend. He or she will go to a notary and have one created. On the taahhütname they will declare that you will be living with them and they will be responsible for your debts if you don't pay them. Also that you will leave or extend your residence permit when the time comes.

You'll also get a notarized copy of your friends rental contract at the notary. This proves your address.

From what I've read, your friend can get both the taahhütname and the notarized copy of the rental contract. But it seems to me you should also go with your friend because the notary may want to see your passport as well as your friend's identification.

Since the notary is a government official and will verify your friend's identification, there's no need for your friend to go with you to your residence permit interview, but it's a good idea to make sure they're available when you go in case the immigration official wants to see them.

You don't have to go to the Nüfus. The immigration officer who does your interview can access the central address registry from their computer now, so there isn't any need to go to the Nüfus any more.

When you apply for your residence permit online, you'll need to know your friend's address. When you're in the online application system, when you get to the address part, you'll use a series of drop-down menus to select your address. For example, first you'll select the province, then the city or district, then the neighborhood, then the street, then the number of the building, and then the apartment number if your friend lives in an apartment. All legally registered addresses are in this system. The online application system accesses the central address registry system (the same one the Nüfus uses and the same system the immigration officer can check using their computer).

After you go through the online application system, when you complete it, the system will give you an appointment date and time and a link so you can download your residence permit registration form. On that form will also be your appointment date and time, and the fees you have to pay for your residence permit application and the printing of your residence permit card.

You can pay the fees at any tax office. Just take the form you downloaded, and your passport, and you can pay them. If you want to pay at a bank, you'll need some payment codes. If you want to pay at a bank, let me know and I'll give you the codes.

After you've paid the fees, go to your appointment with your documents. At the end of your appointment, hopefully, your residence permit will be approved.

If you're missing any documents, the immigration officer will tell you and give you time to get them. Then you can just come back with your documents, without an appointment.

Don't worry about the questions... all of us had the same questions when we first applied for a residence permit, including me! Feel free to post any questions you have. I'm happy to help. :)

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I am not sure how this works if the friend you are staying with is of another gender. I had to get a permission letter from my wife (translated and notarised) before our female friend could register herself at our address. We also had to have the letter promising to cover her expenses (fortunately for me this did not include speeding fines).

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Hello everyone

just to make little update. Yesterday I had appointment (Antalya, Muratpaşa)

Documents which don’t need:

- rent contract notarized or copy, nothing just Taahhuname

- Birth certificate, just for son (international birth certificate without apostille) 

BUT need, not for me but for my friend (I stay in his home)

- Criminal record (Adli sicil kaydi)

- nvi nüfus kayit örneği belgesi ( don’t know in English)

- Foto copy ID (kimlik fotokopisi)


I give everything and they say go home and wait.. they give me only this paper without stamps without nothing.. I hope that’s enough, because my days will finish at 30.10 then I’m overstaying here..  


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Thanks very much for the update about the documents you had to give them. I wasn't aware of the need for a criminal record, but I'm thinking it may be because your friend is male and you are female. 

The NVI Nüfus Kayıt Örneği is a printout of his identity information in Turkey's central population registry. It tells a bit more about the person than their ID card does. 

So you didn't need a copy of the rental contract, so I'm wondering, how did you prove what address you would be living at? Was his address on the taahhütname?

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Yes yes Adresse it’s on taahhuname..

Halen .......(adres)...... adresimde misafirim olarak bulunan...... (name, pasaport Numbers) Türkiye’de kaldığı süre boyunca barınma, yeme, içme, sağlık, and and and and ... 

then name and everything from my friend ... 

i hope I will not too long wait for my resident permit:) 



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