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Setting Up a Business in Turkey

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Thank you to all the people helping others out in this forum. I have a question in relation to starting a business but since there is no dedicated forum about business, I am trying here.

I am a US Citizen and own a small technology consulting company. I am considering setting up a branch in Turkey as it allows good access to both Europe and Middle East; I want to start very small in the beginning, nothing more than an address in the beginning but hope to get a small office and possibly hire a local to manage marketing and communications. I personally will only be visiting Turkey occasionally to manage business.

Being a US Citizen I think there should be no problem going back and forth (for a few days/weeks stay), but what about longer term stays; like 1-6 months?

I also want to find out what are the requirements for setting up a business; as a foreign owned entity. As I do not expect to do any business in Turkey itself (unless some comes my way), I am just interested in getting to the point of being able to open a bank account, lease space, and hire someone.

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There is a procedure for opening a branch office in Turkey as you describe. To visit Turkey for limited business purposes, such as developing leads, doing business research, etc... you can do that on a visa. You can get a visa online. For US citizens, visas are valid for a 180-day period, but you can only be in Turkey for no more than 90 days during any 180-day period (counting back from whatever day it happens to be). If you want to stay longer, you will need to apply for a short-term residence permit, which you can get for up to two years.

I'll send you a PM with a recommendation of someone who can help you set up a business entity in Turkey. No commission involved. :)

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Dear Sunnycal,

Welcome to our friendly forum.

Regarding to your investment in Turkey, you may both open a branch and/or a liason office. A "branch office" of a foreign entity does not constitute a separate legal entity.   Special rules apply to branches of foreign banks and insurance companies. No minimum capital requirements apply, however the head office shall allocate certain funds as necessary for the operation of the branch office. The liability of the branch office extends to cover the assets of the head office. A branch office may only operate in the areas of activities of the head office. It has no corporate organs but is managed by a representative residing in Turkey, who is appointed to this effect by a power of attorney issued by the head office which defines the representative’s powers and authorizations. 

"Liaison offices" in Turkey cannot carry out any activity through their offices in Turkey to generate commercial revenue, but can do activities like; cooordination and management of some operations such as formulation of investment and management strategies, planning, promotion, etc. Also,  the expenditures of a liaison office must be met entirely from foreign currency brought in from abroad.

There are required documents to be provided for the establishment of both legal entities. You should also take a work permit as well.

Kind Regards,

Av. Merve Balin

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