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I am currently living in Mersin with my wife. We now want to get her a visa to live with me in the UK.

In 2012 my mother in England became too ill to look after herself. I returned to care for her but my wife could only come to England on tourist visas for six months of the year. My mother died in 2015 and having sold her house last year I now meet the  meet the financial requirements for my wife to get a UK spouse visa. 

We have got as far as filling in the online form at  when that is sent there are more forms to complete for the UK Visa Application Centre in Turkey (Adana)  There is also a VAF4A (APPENDIX 2) form to fill in to show we meet the financial requirements. I have printed a paper copy of this but am not sure if I need to send this in with the supporting documents or need to fill in an online copy.

Does anyone know of any where in Mersin to get help with the application process that is not going to be excessively expensive. 

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