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Hello buddies 

hope you all be fine :)

I have a problem about a document that immigration ask me to take my son's RP. as you can see below (number 3), they want me something about born certification. I don't know Turkish and that's the reason I'm asking you for help. I already (last year) translate my son's birth certificate under the name "dogum belgesi", then I go to a noter and they stamp it but the immigration officer told me that is not enough and you should go to embassy (both Turkish and my country embassy) and stamp it (he told me in Turkish and I really didn't understand what he said). you should know that I got RP for my son last year with exactly this document but they didn't accept this year ! 

Can you please tell me what I need and how can I provide?

thanks and wait to hear something from you

IMG_2017-03-11 11:56:15.jpg

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What they're asking for is an apostille. It is an additional certification that the document (birth certificate) was actually issued by the government office that issued it, and is genuine. To get an apostille, your country must be a part of the apostille convention. If it isn't, the legalization has to be done between the foreign ministries of Turkey and your country. Here's more information about the apostille.



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