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Chinese and Thai Food

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Khurram Hasan

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No Thai that I've ever heard of. You can check here though:


It lists the Golden Dragon which is somewhere between Konyaaltı and Kaleiçi, but I have been hearing it was closed, so you might want to give them a call or go by there. I haven't eaten there before though.

There are also some Japanese restaurants around, apparently.



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I know that it does not answer your question as you would like, but we cook Thai food at home with ingredients from:- http://www.gurmenet.com/

They are very reliable, ingredients good, they deliver by cargo within about 4 days.

We are 25 km from even a Turkish restaurant so have learned to cook that which we wish to eat. If you want any recipes pm me.

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As you say the cargo is free if you spend over 200TL, this is what we will do next time. Our last delivery weighed about 4 kg and we paid about 12TL in delivery fee. It costs  20TL in fuel to drive to the nearest Migros and back. As we live in a village the cargo companies will not deliver to the door, but we arrange with the company to deliver to the nearest cargo office. After you make an online order they call you about the delivery, the first time they called they even spoke in English. If you order frozen stuff you need to buy dry-ice from them to keep it cool.

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