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Very Long Overstay in Turkey

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Hi I am looking for a bit of help.  So I came to Turkey in 2012. I got my first rp and then my second one with no problems.  on my 3rd rp I got caught in the new system and had a 2 day overstay.  the police at the station told me to just go to Bulgaria for 24 hours and then come back and do the new appointment within 10 days.  so off I went.  I had a fine of 400 lira for just 2 days.  I have heard that it depends on the mood of the people for the amount.  there was a kid in front of me who had stayed 2 months and got the same amount. maybe the difference was that I wanted to come back and he was just leaving for good.

so I got back and got the new permit.  then i started to work at a school that said they got the permit for me.  well i never really checked on it as i was really liked at the school and everything was fine.  I resigned with the school and again they said they will handle the permits.  I was happy to not have to deal with it.

Now I need to leave in may because my daughter will graduate university back in america and I went to ask for the permits and all papers as they knew at the start of the year that I would go in May and return about 10 days later.  

They told me that they never got the permit because I never gave them my RP.  Come to learn they also did not do it last year. SO at this point I am overstayed by 19 months. 

I know there will be a huge fine which I don't think I can pay so I have decided to go home and work for a year or so.  I read here that bans can be up to five years.  I also read that someone can apply to the Turkish Foreign Department back in the US and pay the fine and have the ban lifted.  So I had decided to do that.  But last evening I read that if someone has overstayed 2 times that they will be banned forever. 

Is this true?  I need someone who knows this for sure and not a guess.  Can anyone help me on this ?  Or tell me what I need to do in order to be able to come back to Turkey after about one year?

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But last evening I read that if someone has overstayed 2 times that they will be banned forever. 

I have never heard this, nor have I read it anywhere, and I've read the actual law several times. I have also never read of any permanent ban. From what I have read, the longest ban is five years, and that can only be extended if the Turkish government goes out of its way to extend the ban.

I know of two people who have been banned for the full five years for similar long overstays, and both of them could have gone to a local Turkish embassy or consulate to pay a fine and have the bans lifted if they wanted to.

See this guide:

Fines and Bans for Overstaying Your Visa or Residence Permit

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Shelly, here is the residence permit law:

DEAD LINK dated April 2014. See Article 9, Paragraphs (3) and (4) (link is now dead, but here's what it said):


(3) The entry ban to Turkey shall not exceed five years. However,  in  cases  where  there  is  a  serious  public order or public security threat, this period may be extended for a maximum of an additional ten years by the Directorate General.
(4) The entry ban to Turkey for foreigners whose visa or residence permit has expired and who has applied to the governorates to exit from Turkey before their situation is established by the competent authorities upon which a removal decision has been taken, shall not exceed one year.

It would be best to contact the local US Consulate or Embassy and let them know about this, then have them coordinate with the Turkish authorities. This happened to me before also, the US Consulate in Izmir helped me over the phone and made some phone calls to the Turkish authorities for me. In my case, it was an overstay of 70 days, and just a matter of paying a fine and applying for a new residence permit (that was several years ago). But it should also help in your case too, and minimize the probability of a long ban. That way, if you want to pay a fine to have the ban removed, the ban will hopefully be a shorter one, and therefore the fine will be less. And in a case like this, it never hurts to consult with a US consular official first.

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Hello ken. Thanks for that information. Https://www.expatguideturkey.com/the-consequences-of-overstaying-in-turkey/ I found the link to ...

Its a long page .. screen shot of the man who wrote this info.

I am going to follow your advice tho. I have read so many pages and that is how I found this page.  I have not read about a perm ban anywhere else and naturally I was scared to death.

Thanks for the help.  I may respond to the other man and tell him he needs to not write such things as it seems to be wrong info.  maybe he needs to clarify with more info as to why a person could get a perm ban.  

I hope my ban is not 5 years.  No matter how long it is it will be toooooo long as I love Turkey and really want to stay here.  I hope that I can pay it off when I get back to the US and come back hopefully within a years time. 

I will keep this updated to let anyone know what happens leaving and how to go about paying a fine and lifting a ban once back in America.

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Seems to me they are saying basically the same thing:


Maximum duration of an entry ban to Turkey is five years. "The entry ban to Turkey for foreigners whose visa or residence permit has expired and who has applied to the governorates to exit from Turkey before their situation is established by the competent authorities upon which a removal decision has been taken, shall not exceed one year." (Art.9/4  Law no 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection)

I read what was said by ExpatGuideTurkey, where they said people who over-stayed twice in turkey could not come back even on a visa. But when I read the law, the law says nothing about this. And I ever heard of anyone being permanently banned from Turkey because they had more than one overstay. I would suggest you contact the owner of that site and ask for a reference, a source from which they got that information.

This is indeed a scary situation. But don't worry too much. I am seeing in your profile that you are a US citizen (as I am). I've interacted many times with the US embassy in Ankara, and consulates in Istanbul, Ankara, and Adana, and I have found the people there (practically all Turkish-American citizens!) to be very helpful and professional. They care about you and will look after you, and they are happy to help you.

Also there is this thing about Turkey. What is written in law is not necessarily what happens. If you explain your situation, the Turkish officials are often flexible on the rules.

I think the key is to contact the US embassy/consulate first. See if they can help you. If they tell you to go to a certain place, ask them to make a call for you to let them know you are coming, and get a name of someone to report to (as well as the name of the person you spoke to). When when you get there, and talk to the Turkish official, you will be coming to them after the US Embassy/Consular official has called them. I think that will make a world of difference in your favor.

I really think you will be okay.

But yes, please keep us updated! This is how we learn!

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