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[Information & Experience] How to Change Network from Vodafone to Turkcell while keeping same phone

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[Information] Changing Network from Vodafone (very rude and insulting representatives) to Turkcell (helpful and kind) while keeping same phone


Hey friends, I am here to give an information to all members. I came 9 month ago and bought a sim card from airport which was on Vodafone; after having used it for 9 months I planned to switch to Turkcell but I wished to keep the same number and didn't want to purchase a new sim instead port my number from Vodafone network to Turkcell network.


The process seemed easy as I have already gone through this  in my home country as well but here it was not as easy as thought.


I had to visit at least 10 Turkcell shops in order to find one which was ready to do this for me as all the others said that it is impossible for a foreigner to do this; this service was only available for Turk citizens. But the one which agreed to do this wanted me to go back to vodafone and ask them to give me a 'bilgisi' from their computer which will show that my number is registered with them with my parents names and also that I do not have any outstanding amounts to pay them.


Now this was a big hassle because when I visited Vodafone (being in a populated district of Istanbul and having a  Turkish speaking friend with me) I had to go through a 15 minute communication with each member of Vodafone service and sale point and when they found out that I was to switch network they were very rude and initially rejected any possible help they could do. But after a half hour debate with them and trying to convince them and requesting them multiple times and telling them that their coverage is not good in the area I live I got lucky and they told me where to go next....


I went there and same half hour convincing and getting insulted process continued but at the end I was given that paper on which only my name, surname and date of birth was printed. (which was wrong' the month entered was wrong). No mother of father name as on the airport the representative is there to make sales and do minimal work. This was a big disappointment. Getting back to Turkcell was a good experience; I explained them through all the problems I had gone through to get to this paper and that I bought sim from Airport and it is not my fault if incomplete or fake information is entered in their system. They accepted it and issued me with a Turkcell sim which should work within four days. I am happy I am with a more professional and respectable company which respects their customers.


Good luck to all.

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