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Some Photos from Adana

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I recently stayed with a friend in Adana, in a downtown area called Cemalpaşa. It's here:


It was a very nice, upscale shopping district, which reminded me of the Alsancak district in Izmir. My friend had a two-bedroom apartment there, and said he was paying 750 TL a month for it. Just a regular apartment with nothing fancy.

Here are some photos of the district:


While there, we also went to the M-1 Shopping Mall which is here:

They had expanded the M-1 Mall a lot, it was huge! Here are some photos:


Enjoy the photos. For some of my older ones, including the local sights like the archaeological museum and the Sabancı Mosque, see the Adana Photo Galleries.

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Adana has changed a lot indeed...its very sad that Incirlik stays on lockdown at this point.  I have a friend that was very excited to PCS to Incirlik (I talked up Turkey to him a lot)...& now he's trying to cancel his assignment.  The $ that the Incirlik Alley has lost alone...that was peoples sole livelihood there.

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