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Cat Haven for strays In Antalya

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Thank you Mr Bakalva very much for this post.

I and my daughter really love cats, and we were amazed to see them everywhere in Istanbul and around the hotel in Antalya. I think this is something particular about Turkey that you would always remember, if you are fond of these beautiful creatures.

I would only wish that street cats and dogs in Turkey could get some more food as I noticed that they are sort of thin and approaching people with complaints. 

I remember two cats sitting on the doorstep of a restaurant nearby our hotel and were really begging for some food/ attention.

So great idea and generous that Mr Mehmet and his wife are doing for these gorgeous animals.    

Thanks to them


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I agree whole-heartedly!

In Istanbul I saw they have machines that don't require money, instead empty water bottles.  After you finish your water, you "donate" aka recycle the bottle and it gives you pet food in return.  Its a very novel idea & I think more municipalities should follow suit.  Everywhere I go...if I see kitty, I stop and give them a quick rub behind the ears.  I love all animals, but Cats > Dogs :).



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