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Gun Permits for Concealed Carry in Turkey

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Thanks to @FenerEniste, a source of information on buying a firearm and getting a permit for concealed carry. The page you need is "Silah Ruhsat," in the navigation menu. The page is in Turkish, so run it through Google translate or view it in Google Chrome.

Silah Dünyası (Gun World) Turkey

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100% you can get a shotgun with a foreign passport.  As for the handguns (correct me if I'm wrong), there's a "need to have" basis...and you have to be vetted & the application has to be approved by someone in the legislative system.  Hopefully someone physically in Turkey could do some research. 


Personally (& this is just my opinion), if you have the means to arm yourself (LEGALLY) to protect your family &/or what's yours), you should do so...especially in these days & times.

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