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Are Appointments Required for Residence Permit Extensions?

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Hello my friends i have some thing i need to know i was here in turkey last year under an organisation and through it we got our ikamets so in november this year i came back because my ikamet was expiring on 7th december so i made an application for renewal on 28th nov but i was given an appointment of january 8th 2017 .then a friend of mine told me renewal ikamets dont need appointmets that u just send documents via ptt bt as i went to cosult at fatih some one i found there told me i just need to come with all the doccuments on the appointment date that no need of sending them via ptt if i have an appointment so advice me iz there any prob about my situation??

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If the online appointment system gave you an appointment, then you have to go to the appointment. In many cases (and provinces)  you can mail the documents in, but in Istanbul an appointment is required.

The computer system tells you which one. If you can mail it in, the computer system will tell you to do that and give you the address. If you have to go to an appointment, the system will tell you that also, and give you dates from which to choose.

So basically yes, you have to take your documents with you to the appointment. You can't mail them in.

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Just note that there are some African countries which are required to apply as a fresh candidate (even at the time of renewal). So if this is the case with your nationality you will need to apply as 'first application' and you will definitely be given an appoint which would be at least 2 months later than your date of applying. 


And if you applied for residence permit renewal and system gave you 8th January date and if you happen to be in Istanbul?? If this is the case then its super. For me I had to wait 105 days for my appointment; applying and appointment were 105 days apart from each other (Short term touristic). 



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