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Where to find a will?

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My father passed and himself and my mother have a property in Turkey.  When purchasing the apartment they made a simple Tukrish will that his share goes to her in the event he passed first and vice versa.  However, we do not have a copy of this and my mother reckons she never got one.  She has all other documentation from that period including contracts for purchase, deeds etc.

All dealings were done through the selling agent at the time and I have contacted them to see if they can provide details of the solicitor used, but they are not answering.

Is there a centralized office with all Wills that I would obtain a copy or does anyone know how to go about this?



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I would suggest that you look at documents relating to the sale and see which noter was used to notarise the transactions. A visit to the noter may help, as they would keep a copy of every document that they have notarised.

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