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Bringing Cat to Turkey from America

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Hello all, 

I am debating on bringing my cat with me to Turkey after winter break (February), and I have a few questions. 

I should start by saying I have researched what I need to do by Turkish Airlines' standards (vaccines, small carry on crate, etc) - - but if any one has any personal or recent experience with this, please let me know. 

My main inquiry is the procedure once I arrive to Turkey. Is there a quarantine process, or any hold ups I should be aware of? 

I'm really hoping someone on here has some recent or personal experience with this. I am really on the fence about bringing him,  it's my 5 year old cat who has truly been a great friend and companion - - naturally I don't want to put him through unnecessary travel, and he is currently well taken care of by my parents in America. I will be home for a few months during summer break, and I definitely don't want to haul him back and forth each time I come and go--this isn't an issue, my girlfriend (soon to be wife, inshallah) can take care of him while I'm gone. 

I guess all the above has me leaning towards leaving him in the states with my parents, but I'll be honest, I miss him a lot.  I just wish Turkey could be where Canada is, things would be a lot easier for me:) 

Anyways, thanks in advance for any one who can help!  

Best wishes, 



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When we departed Izmir for the US in '09...we decided on taking our 2 cats with us. 

I would say its the same process in reverse:

Get ALL vaccinations in order ahead of time.

CALL and request a spot for your cat, as the airlines usually only have 4-5 spots on aircraft for in-cabin pets.



The easier option is get a rescued cat IN Turkey...we rescued a Van cat from a pet store & we rescued what turned out to be a Maine Coon on the street.  I feel as that is a far better option & they can join your cat back stateside in the future...

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Hi, if you are on the fence about bringing your cat I would suggest you leave him with people he knows in a place that he knows. If you want a cat here just leave your door open with a bowl of nice smelling food by it and you'll soon have as many as you like.

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Thanks Ken, Fener and Cukur. 

I think I will leave him in the states where he has my parents looking after him. If I decided otherwise, I am confident he would get used to the move as he's not like other cats, he's more like a dog to be honest. 

I think Fener and Cukur have the right idea in adopting a cat here if I really want one. There are plenty to go around and it would be a good thing to do. Like you say Fener, it can join my cat in the states in the future. 

Thanks all! 

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