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Moving to Another Province in Turkey, Do I Have to Apply for a New Residence Permit?

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It took me about 3 months of trouble, probably 100 calls to 157, 2 appointments and generally lots of work, expenses and waiting to get my residency permit in hand. (1st time short term tourist) It was issued for 11 months, instead of 12 I applied for for some ridiculous reason. 

(Not important for my question, but whoever cares for the reason: My address is a hotel and the hotel owner wrote me a letter that I stay there and the end date was matched to fit my first appointment, I didnt ask them to re-write it for my second appointment, and even though it is a hotel and I can stay there as a guest how long I like, they just used that stupid date and gave me one months less on my residency permit.) 

Now I am thinking about going to another province ... I called 157 to ask what I need to do to notify them of my changed address should I go to another province. 

They told me I would have to make a completely new first time residency permit application!! Like start from 0 again. No way this can't be true I am thinking and I don't really feel like doing this .. 

I am a very experienced expat and in all countries I lived in I made sure to comply with all immigration rules, but this is so ridiculous that I am thinking to simply ignore this ... there is no way I am going to do this all over again ... sorry ..   besides .. I am not even sure how long I will stay at a single address ... I might be moving around every couple of weeks .. 

They told me I have 20 days from moving to making a new application. What if I am not even staying 20 days at the same hotel or rental? 

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If you are touring Turkey and only staying a short time in each place there is no need to notify a new address or change your ikamet. If you find somewhere you like and want to stay a longer time, more than three months or so then you can go to the nearest DGMM office and apply for your ikamet address to be changed, there is no need to apply for a new ikamet until the existing one is about to expire.

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When we moved away from Istanbul our company cancelled our work permit. We went and got 5 year residences in our local town. after a bout 18 months our friend in the bank mentioned that we were still shown as resident in Istanbul. We had assumed that getting a new residency would have us shown as having moved. We were advised to visit the nufus office (only a few streets away) with our tapu and it was all done in a few minutes.

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@Leoxy, I have also heard both versions of what has to be done and this is one of my main questions also. I know that you have to get a new residence permit, but I am not sure if it is just a change of the card or a completely new application.

If you do move, would you let us know what actually happens and update this topic? Another example of how expat experience is a better source of info what what some government officials say.

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