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Qualifications for Teaching at Turkish Universities

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I am completing my degree in International Security with a minor in Arabic next spring, and I am very interested in working at a Turkish university. Could anyone please provide me with some insight as to what kinds of qualifications I might need? How much Turkish do i need to speak? How much education? Would a bachelor's and a TEFL certification do? How much experience? Any other skills/credentials/etc. ? Thank you kindly and so much in advance!

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I think the only way you could find that out is by searching the job classifieds, and/or going to the website where the job is posted. There, they will tell you the necessary qualifications. Yet even they aren't fixed, that is, they may hire the best candidate for the job even if some qualifications aren't perfectly met. It's that way everywhere I think. I once got a job as a hotel manager even though I had never managed or worked in a hotel! But that was because they were impressed with my other qualifications which weren't even asked for. And, probably, they couldn't find anybody they preferred more.

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