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buying from chinese web sites

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Hi all

i am gonna buy some goods from chinese web sites as WISH or ALIEXPRESS. We just pay the product price online and the ship it to us.

it is usually possible to choose free shipping to turkey.

okey. Now what will happen for delivery?

does the post agent bring it to my mentioned address at my home door? Should i have to pay some more money to him?


i should go somewhere like PTT or Cargo and pay Tax or KDV or something like those to receive my box?

i hope you answer me "such a delivery is completely free in turkye";-)

My good is wirstwatch and bicycle bag which cost less than 100$

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Small, low value items, will be (usually) sent to you at your local PTT. A slip will be delivered to your postal address if you have one. Then you take the slip to the PTT with ID to collect your parcel. I do not know what the upper value currently is. Last year I bought a small electrical device from the UK without customs duty. Value was declared at 100 TL. If you do it regularly, by way of business then you will have to pay duty.

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Regarding any additional delivery payments, I sometimes order books from Amazon.co.uk. And sometimes I have to pay extra for the delivery, probably because Amazon can't always predict exactly what the delivery fee will be. When I get the package, if there is a fee, it's only maybe one or two lira.

When I am submitting the order on Amazon's website, it tells me to enter my identity number for delivery. I could never figure out where they wanted me to enter it, since I see no place to put it. So I submit the order without it. So if your tax number (vergi number) doesn't work, try your regular Turkish identity number.

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