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Sad story from Turkey

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The story started when I visited Bodrum and liked it and generally Turkey, and decided to buy a house there.

I started to look for a property and new an agent in Antalya…. Look post no 16473 in May 2013.

After this incident, and because I liked the house that this man showed me, I went and saw the agent selling it BAKI GÖZ, and to me he was honest, he showed all sorts of relief to me,  and I bought the house.

He then knew from me, that I should like to invest in Turkey, and not only buy a house for own use, so he suggested that I buy and sell and that houses are always getting higher in price, so I agreed on that, but I looked for another agent and found one, but I found that the house he was referring to was non existent, so I hired a lawyer in Bodrum, for legal consultations and also for buying me properties if I cannot be there.

Baki started looking for properties for me and when found and the price was right, I would send the money to the lawyer and he finishes the buying procedure for me.

One of the times the lawyer was not available and the seller as said by Baki was in a hurry, so had to go myself and made a power of attorney to Baki to buy for me and also manage the payments and so on.

At the time, the relationship with Baki and his family was getting close and my family, and he seemed very sincere, except for sometimes he had financial problems, and I was helping him out.

The last property was an apartment that he offered to sell for me by his company with a guy called Atilla because they had a mortgage on it and they couldn't pay so will go bankrupt and that they bought it for 150000 TL, so I offered to buy it, to help them, and because he couldn't be the seller and the buyer by the power of attorney, I mad another power of attorney to his wife, an I got the TAPU, and paid the money to him on installment in about 4 to 5 months, or a bit more.

He then helped me out in buying a land in IZNIK through another real estate agent, who also seemed sincere, and I wanted to build a house on it, so he was helping me in this and got me a contractor.

To cut the story short about IZNIK, the real estate agent ALI GENÇTÜRK and the contractor TUNÇ both played on me a lot games and ripped me off IN many occasions (bad and expensive construction, breaking 2 branches of the neighbor tree, and then getting him to ask for 2000 dollars or else..., and so on).

To give Baki credit, he was going to Iznik few times by car (on my expense), with his wife to make the land on her name as a foreigner needs to buy at least 12000 m2 of land and all be cultivated to be changed onto his name (I tool power of attorney from her to sell and manage the lands).

 Ali GENÇTÜRK took a lot of money from me to cultivate the other land, which I also bought to be able to transfer the land, for cultivation, paving the road and so on, but I found out that nothing was done.

Then I got a call from the bank that they are going to sell the apartment because Baki hasn't been paying the mortgage. So I found out that he never paid to the bank except 20000 TL that he also took from me as loan, and he took all the apartment price, he also was renting my properties and never paid me the money, so I went to IZNIK and found out that he also took a loan on my IZNIK land.

Of course I sold the lands to another Turk to remove it from his hand and had to pay 79000TL to the bank to prevent them selling my apartment. I am selling everything I have in Turkey and never going back to this country. 

I know I am to  lame because I was reluctant and over confident, money is not the issue for me, it is how betrayal has become a norm in Turkey

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It is really sad and strange story. How could you trust these people so much and hand up your wealth to them. Unfortunately, one should be careful when it concerns trusting others. I am thinking to buy in Turkey, but for what I am hearing of sad stories happening there, where are so many cons, I am now hesitating much before I am taking the second step.

With all my cautions, I am sure I will be victim of cheating in Turkey!! Unfortunately, some Turkish people might be nice but you have to be careful with them in general.

I can understand you that betrayal is now become norms nearly everywhere.    


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Frankly, I had big hopes in the country and the people, I thought the change that happened the last 12 years had any reflection on the people's values, and would make them regain their old traditions and values, but it seems, it hadn't.

I am sure there is a subset of good people, but I was not fortunate to meet them in the beginning. Can you imagine that a lawyer I met in Iznik wanted me to put the lands on his name, to (fasten the paper work, as he said)

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Where are you from?  Perfectworldland?

You NEVER trust another person with your money.  I am very sorry you were scammed out of your hard earned savings.

Never trust an individual & if its too good to be true, it usually is.

Stick with the major players...

Coldwell Banker, Remax etc.

Best of luck in your future ventures.

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I agree with you 100%, but you have much luck than others!! Or may be because your wife is Turkish. It makes all the difference when so many local close to you people are looking to secure good deals for you. I wish I have one of my family living in Turkey. It would be much more easier to me, of course. Cheers     

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Lawlessness (which has always existed) is ever increasing due to changing circumstances under OHAL.  Many people have been forced into situations of no income, so they have no option (it seems to them) than to resort to crime & fraud.

Gotta be careful who you trust these days.....:(

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