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Threats, please help

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I got married my Turkish husband 5 yrs ago after dating for 3 years. I live in the UK. We got him about 3 tourist visas before we got the spouse visa. He lived in the UK with me for nearly 2 years, and never made any effort to learn the language or find a job, and the couple of jobs that friends found for him, he made excuses and left. I realised how different we were culturally when he moved to the UK ( I know, I know big mistake!). We had lots of arguements and several of these involved him returning to Turkey and then begging me to take him back each time. The final time this happened, I knew I would never have him back. 

He has a bad temper, and has been pestering me to divorce him. ( we got married in Turkey). I never want to be in the same room as him, as I am sure he will be hiding a gun or knife on him. I have just lived the past 2 and half years breathing a sigh of relief! He has never stopped emailing me, either threatening me or begging me, depending on his mood. I got fed up with his emails and finally told him I had met someone else. He has now got so bad, he is threatening to kill me, even if its the last thing he does, as I have made his life hell! He is saying he is going to send some men around to sort out or kill my daughter!  I am at my wits end, I really dont want to go to Turkey, or be in the same room as him. Should I forward his emails to the British consulate/visa section? ( His visa ran out ages ago, we never renewed the second part of the spouse visa). Should I inform the police, though all his emails are in Turkish. I really feel very threatened and scared, please can anyone advise me? I would really appreciate it.  Thank you in advance.

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What a tragic story, since you are in England I believe the threats he made are just empty words I would say otherwise if you are in Turkey.

Anyway, the only solution that I can think of this, go to the page that I have posted below it is a general directorate of securtiy, they have an office in London, or you can use their e-mail address to explain your situation, provide all required information about him (i.d, phone number, his address in Turkey etc.) and show them all e-mails filled with threats even if they were in Turkish they will understand how important it is.

I hope you find a swift answer regarding to your problem.

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Thank you very much for your advice, I have just woken up to 16 threatening emails this morning! I can see the DGMM site links below, but not sure how I can find the London one? He lives in Kirklareli in Turkey, do they have one there? I am a bit confused, is this a Turkish directorate? I looked at it when I posted the question, but it seemed to about residence permits etc? Thank you once again for the suggestion, I really appreciate it. 

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To be honest, nothing. Just to keep a copy of the threatening emails, and to contact them if he made contact when he is in the UK with any threats. I dont think they were interested as he is not in this country. I may just email all the threats, with an explanation from me to the British consulate and ask them to please never issue him with a visa.

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