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Who are in the soup?

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The answer: the mother and her daughter! :blink: No, nobody fell into the cauldron by accident, don’t worry!! ‘Analı kızlı’ is the name given to a soup, probably by a funny housewife first, which means ‘ with mother and daughter’..

In this cast, mother is the egg-sized balls made of bulgur, enveloping fried mince (the famous ‘içli köfte’) while the daughter is only the small bulgur balls with no mince inside..yet there is one more  actor or actress whose name is forgotten: meat cubes (what do you suggest?)

Yes, ‘içli köfte’ is the famous speciality of the Southeastern Anatolia cuisine, and the pride of local housewives. The outer part is made of bulgur, but a thin type of bulgur which is called ‘köftelik bulgur’ ( you may need this word if you think about trying a Turkish version of Tabbouleh: 'kısır') . Those tiny bulgurs become elastic when wetted, and with addition of eggs, firm enough for frying or boiling. The dough made out of bulgur and eggs is divided into small parts which are given an egg-shape, with a hollow inside. Mince is fried with onion, then tomato paste, parsley, wallnut (crushed) and spices are added.. This material is placed in the hollows,  the bulgur balls are closed and fried (or sometimes boiled). The amount of water needed to make a dough out of bulgur, and giving a shape to it is a matter of experience..

The only guaranteed way of enjoying this specialty is to have a neighbour from Urfa, Gaziantep or somewhere around!:P


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