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Want to Settle with Family in Ankara

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I am residing in Pakistan with family. I went to Turkey in 2004, and really keen to settle in Turkey, specifically Ankara, with my wife and 3 minor children. I have a bachelor's degree in IT and my wife has experience on the medical side. I read many blogs and information about the short term residence permit and got much information but to use this forum I want any body who give me the whole process to settle and what kind of challenges we have to face initially, and how much money we should have till to get a job in respect to me and to my wife qualifications? Is my spouse's education free or not after getting resident permit?

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First, you need to get a visa to come to Turkey. Then, if you want to stay, you have to get a residence permit. For the money for the residence permit, see the article on proving you have enough money to live on.

You will find it difficult to get a job in Turkey. You must first get a work permit, and be able to do something an unemployed Turk can't do.  Or, you must find a job with a company which has already hired at least five Turks for each foreign worker hired, and hope they have enough Turks working for you to work there.

Schools in Turkey don't provide free education, and teachers don't work for free.

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Shah,  As I am told, getting a job in Turkey isn't that easy, unless you have a standing offer. A Turk would normally be given preference over a foreigner. Your wife or your children will not be entitled to any free education even after getting a resident permit. I guess 2000$ per month should be sufficient for a family to live a basic life.

Wishing you good luck .



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Hellow Mr. Shah,

I have been here for last 10 months now and I have seen a few couples from Pakistan wishing to come and obtain a short term touristic residence permit and live here; this is a good idea but only if your retired or have a mean of earning at least minimum a thousand dollar per month (this is really basic) in general you will need at least 2000 dollar per month to live a reasonable life in Turkey since you have minor kids also whose education you will need to sponsor. And as far as I know someone making 2000 dollar a month it is better to stay at Pakistan he/she can have a very reasonable and indeed a lavish life with this money in Pakistan (per month). 

But if you choose to come here and you have a permanent income then you can decide to come here and apply for residence permit; all the important links are given up. As for jobs here; it is true that Turks are given priority; if by some means you can come and live here for 8 years (sustain yourself) then you will get a permanent residence permit and a free work permit which will let you work anywhere like any other Turk without any restriction. 

Depending on how wealthy you are; you can invest 200 000 to 300 000 USD in Turkey (if possible) and get rentals which would cover your monthly expenses and your investment will overall grow and flourish as well. If any other suggestion or help required please feel free to ask. If you and your wife can qualify; its' much better to apply for Canadian immigration through numbering system it may take few years to get you a Canadian visa but once you have; your definitely at a much better and brighter place.

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