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Hey everyone. I'm a 21 year old guy who has been living in Turkey for 2 months near Izmir. I'm half Turkish half English and I speak Turkish fluently. 

I have an English name and when ever I tell people they name they look at me so weird haha as my Turkish is actually perfect. 

I didn't grow up with a big family like most Turks and pretty much grew up with just my mother and brother. Me and my brother both moved here and have started a business which has been doing really well so finances is not an issue at all.

I'm having trouble understanding the dating culture here. Whats the best way to ask these girls out? How many dates until you can go for the kiss, hold hands and stuff? I understand that girls want to get married once they start dating a guy and I'm ok with that as I would love to settle with a nice Turkish girl. 

I'm also skinny (going to start hitting the gym as its getting a little embarrassing haha) but I dress well (suit whenever I'm at work) and drive a nice car. I just feel like the girls aren't very interested. I also have a hard time understanding the humour and I'm sometimes lost for words as I don't want to say stupid things.

I also live near Izmir.

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Hi London Turk, welcome to Turkey Central. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question about the girls, I guess just be yourself and do what you think, if they don't slap you you should be ok!


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Well you're lucky you're in Izmir. Women there are a lot more western in their mentality. But they still tend to go out in groups of friends, or family members. So the best thing to do is get to know their friends. I think you could easily mix in considering your background. You have to meet women indirectly in Turkey, so don't go directly for a girl. Just say hello to them as a group and start a conversation. And be a bit helpless. Tell them that you've only been there for two months. Mention your background. You'll soon be sitting among them and meeting the girls at the table.

Please don't get this wrong, this is not a "how to pick up girls" thing. It is about making friends. Let meeting a girl be a secondary thing, then just let it happen.

I once saw a Turkish girl in Izmir I was immediately attracted to. I had to meet her. I knew the direct approach would probably scare her away, so I did what I mentioned above, and ended up spending a lot of time with her and her friends. What's funny is that I later learned that she was definitely wrong for me. But I made a some good friends, one of whom is still one of my best friends today.

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I totally agree with Ken here; its a bit different compared to London or other western european countries and luckily your in Izmir which is the most 'westernized' part of Turkey; so good luck and well don't just ask girl out; make friends; be her friend meet in group preferably this is how Turkish girls think and are habitual of. Its never very easy to have one night stand as is common in America and most of West; so be patient and be hopeful. Good luck.

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