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A Canadian Turk looking to go back to Teach English in Turkey

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To whom it may concern,

I need some general advice, or perhaps reassurance from anyone who is knowledgeable in the matter about my following dream:

I was born and raised in Canada, and although English is my first (and better) language, I am very fluent in Turkish as well. I'm done getting my Bachelor's Degree with a Major in English this year and will be completing that TESL Certificate that's required for most ESL positions. I love Turkey so very much, and have always imagined I'd live there one day. I've got lots of family over there as well, and as much as I love Canada, the homeland is where my heart belongs. Long story short, how easily could I find a teaching position over there and how manageable will the salary be? I have both a Canadian and Turkish citizenship, and again, can speak both languages quite flawlessly. What's my future looking like, folks?

Thank you,
Merve B.

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You're a native English speaker. You have a university degree. Not just that, but your major was in English. You got your TESL certificate. Finding an English-teaching job? I think that would be easy for you. If I might recommend, find a job in Izmir rather than Istanbul. Have a look at this article:

Not so much for the article, but the links to employment websites at the bottom of the article. It sounds to me that you are well-primed for a good job teaching English in Turkey.

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Hello Ken,

I thoroughly appreciate your speedy reply back! You've increased my confidence, and hopefully within a year I'll be residing in Heaven AKA Turkey. I'll look into Izmir specifically whilst searching as well, now I've just got to hope I'll make enough Turkish Lira to live comfortably over there..

Thank you.

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Hello welcome to forum,

First of all congratulations for your effort to come here and become a useful member for the community, Since you have a dual citizenship which makes you a valuable and reasonable candidate for teaching positions.

Beside that, with TESL certificate you can only work in private colleges and language institutions, If you want to work in government institutions you have to take KPSS ( http://www.osym.gov.tr/belge/1-24884/2016-kpss-kamu-personel-secme-sinavi.html) It's not an easy exam and the process of appointment takes time) 

Wages for teaching positions can differ but generally between  2,000 - 3,000 TL for starters, There are other variables like, staying, food, transportation, clothing and extra costs. 

I hope your dreams come true. 

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Just some info from examples I've seen in Izmir. A few years ago two Americans came to Izmir. They had university degrees but no language teaching training (TEFL or otherwise). They actually got two different jobs (each) within a few days. They worked for an entire year, then went back to the States. They were working illegally, which I disapprove of, but it gave me an idea of how easy it might be to find an English-teaching job in Izmir. Of course these would be low-quality jobs, which I don't think you would have to bother with, but it's just an example.

Then I knew of a British soldier who retired from NATO, took the CELTA course, and was hired almost immediately at İzmir Economy University, which would be a much higher quality job.

I don't know if you could land a high-quality job at first (I hope you do!) but you could apply to different places first, see what comes back, and perhaps work at one for a year until you learn your way around and what better opportunities exist.

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