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Health Care Cost and Quality

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We are thinking to move Bodrum and like to know your opinion for the health care system. 
1. How is the service quality at Government Hospitals and Private hospitals?
2. How much does it cost to get government health insurance and private health insurance 
We appreciate your feedback.

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Sir it all depends on age; for example Im 23 years and I paid some 450 TL; now you might have to pay more as you are older; for the first time I had to get private insurance as Im not eligible to get government one; but next year I plan to take government insurance which shall be a bit more expensive but provide more coverage.


As for hospitals ; its same all around; usually government hospitals are a bit lower quality compared to the private ones.

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State Hospitals (Devlet Hastanesi)

State hospitals in Turkey offer low-cost care which is available to everyone who is enrolled in the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu, also known as the SGK, which is Turkey's national health insurance plan. While most foreigners who have used state hospitals give good reports about the care they receive, some have had negative experiences. State hospitals suffer from a lack of funding, shortage of personnel, and too many patients. It may also be difficult to find a doctor or staff member who speaks English. The number one reason to use a state hospital is the low cost of treatment.

Private Hospitals (Özel Hastanesi)

Private hospitals can be found mostly in the larger cities and resort towns of Turkey, where income levels are higher and the locals are willing to pay more for a higher standard of care. Not all private hospitals accept the national SGK insurance, and those that do typically apply what SGK will pay to the bill, and charge the rest to you.

You're far more likely to have a good experience in a private hospital than a state one. They are often staffed with doctors who finished their medical training in the United States or a European country, and who hold US or European certifications in their specialties. They usually speak English, as do some on the hospital staff. Private hospitals cost more than state hospitals, but you can be assured shorter waiting times, a higher level of training, more modern facilities, and personalized service.





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I've never had a bad experience at a government or private hospital in Turkey.

For the government SGK insurance, you have to be a resident of Turkey for one year. However, I have heard of cases where foreigners are accepted without the one-year of residence, but I think the SGK in those cases were making a mistake.

I did an article on SGK coverage which might help:

Regarding private health insurance:

During the first year, with private health insurance, there are a lot of things it won't cover. And some things it will never cover.

Regarding the cost, you can get a free quote from an English-speaking representative of Ankara Sigorta by filling in your details, such as age, height and weight, etc.

Free Residence Permit Health Insurance Quote



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On 9/5/2016 at 8:21 PM, IbrahimAbi said:

I pay 395TL per month for SGK and it covers my wife too for medical issues.

May i ask wot company you using? Your post has clarified me so thx a lot. I was told by someone that health insurance js 1000TL per annum. Very confusing 

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